Ok Guys,

Here's the deal:

These forums are meant for interactive communication between other carnivorous plant owners... and as a general chat session for those interested in these plants... or plants in general.

I do NOT appreciate people coming in here.. saying "I mailed in my check 10 days ago... and still don't have my plant".... or anything to that effect.

We receive HUNDREDS of checks a week. And you WOULDN"T believe the numbers of checks that come to us without even a name, order number, or a even a simple note as to what the check is for.

So, I don't suppose the people coming in here wondering where thier stuff is... has sent one of these checks? Or perhaps they've not given appropriate time for a check to clear before we ship... or even appropriate time for the POST OFFICE TO DELIVER THE CHECK!

SO, at the least... it's frustrating ...

Contact us directly... perhaps we can sort out the several dozen checks we have without associated orders...


Either of us can help you.