well, it must had been 2 weeks ago now that I had a visit with pingman (Joseph). he was kind enough to trade me some Huernia barbata for some cps. well that and the agreement that if I come across anything interesting I will share with him . anyway just wanted to say that I had a great visit. lasted 5 hours if I remember correctly. he was very informative and had allot to say all I could do is sit and listen. even when I wanted to talk I wouldn't just cause I wanted to hear more of what he had to say. this was my first face to face conversation I have ever had about cps. it kinda seemed like we both were short for time that day. I have no doubt that some day another visit will take place. again, thank you for taking time away from all of your hobbies to visit with me. it was a great pleasure!
p.s. all the plants are doing GREAT!!
pss I even planted 5 of the seeds on 10/24/02. and just now I remembered to check... guess what??!! YUP! I have 1 seedling of Byblis liniflora!!!! woohoo!!!!!