D. capensis "Typical": 1.5 cm tall

D. capensis "Alba": 1.5 cm tall

N. ventricosa "Red" (Little Gulp): Wow, it's getting big, as tall as my hand is long. It hasn't started making upper pitures yet, but I want a second basil shoot. Should I clip off the top 3 leaves or not? Savage garden says not untill it makes it's own new basil shoot. Any tips guys?

N. sanguinea: My new baby. I promissed myself I wouldn't get any more plants this year after I got the sarr grab bag, but when the local gardens called and said they had new plants, I had to look. With only a single and beautiful sanguinea cutting for sale, I had to get it. It adapted well to my house and is about to open a new piture It's parent plant is on display at the gardens and is a monster of a plant with foot long traps My cutting is only a little stub, but already it's pitchers are as long as my index finger.

"Typica" (Snapper): About the same as usual, small, very very small.

"Typical" (Green): Still messed up, but less so then a few weeks ago. Who knows, maybe it will look like a plant some day.

"Typical" (Big Red): Beautiful, healthy, nice compact rosset with big traps. If it stays this way another year, I'm officially moving it to "Typica" status.

"Aki Ryu" (Little Red): Just started making spring/summer leaves. STUPID PLANT! Oh well, I guess I'll have to give it artificial lighting this winter (was dorment when I got if from PFT last november and stayed that way untill just now)

Various Sarr: Hey, they are starting to swell their pitchers. Maybe now I can tell what they are.

Northern Purple: Wow, big baby! It's got 7 mini traps and is a happy little fellow, too bad the other one died (although it always looked weeker)

P. Moranesis: OMG it went dorment oh well.