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Thread: Just a little help.....

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    Ok, here's my story. I'm a fresh learner, just buying plants off of "Exotic Gardens". I loved the concept of growing exotic plants and thought I might give VFT's a whirl. Being a newb at growing anything. I live in south eastern Minnesota where it's FREEZING at the moment. So i can't grow them in natural conditions for a little while. So I need to know what to do to make my room a "sanctury" for these plants. And just a general overview on how to go along keeping these things alive!

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    First of all, Welcome to the forums Andy!

    Different carnivorous plants have different requirements:

    Venus fly traps, for example, should be dormant right now. If you order them right now from exotic plants, you will get a plant that will be able to do without dormancy until next winter, so keep it warm and give it light. Two flourescent bulbs 1' above a shelf will do for now. for more flytrap info (I'm assuming this is one of the first plants you will get) go to this vft growing info page

    Many cp's need humid conditions. This can be provided by putting them in a terrarium (or old aquarium) with a lid. This will need to be lighted either through a glass/plastic lid or by the lid itself. The conditions inside should be moist enough to keep the humidity high and cause condensation on the sides of the glass.

    Plants which don't need humidity can be grown outdoors most of the year, or if the go dormant naturally, you can leave them in a protected spot outdoors year round.

    This is basic info, so go to the parts of this forum specific to the specific genus of species you have plants of, then browse through the hundreds of posts which will likely answer all of your questions. If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

    again, welcome to the forums! hope you come to enjoy this hobby as much as we all do.


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    Welcome to the forums!
    If you use a terrarium for your VFTs, keep them in their own pots. That will make it easier to give them dormancy next year. From my experience though, VFTs can be easily adapted to low humidity conditions, especially if you use the tray method for watering them. The only type of CP I haven't been able to adapt to low humidity has been Sundews. They grow fine but can't produce dew fast enough to keep it from evaporating. Humidity in my house for the past month has been around 35%.
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