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Thread: Update on my carnivorous plants

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    Well, here I am again everybody....It is me, the Evil Spider Hunter...I am just giving an update on my new CP collection.Well,I have been into the CP hobby now for about a couple of months and I am proud and pleased to say that my plants are doing well!!! I have 3 sundews ( my FAVORITE CP!!!! ) that are all growing madly, 2 Nepenthes ventricosa,a common Flytrap and a Red dragon Flytrap, a Ping and Sarrecenia pitcher plant.I have all my plants inside a 30 gallon terrarium in small trays of water and I keep a grow light on them along with filtered sunshine from the window that they are near and I keep the glass top about 80% on to keep the humidity up and darn it!,they are all growing like crazy!!!!

    I think in my humble opinion as a newbie that a lot of these plants love warm humid conditions!!! I really love this new hobby...I am so used to spiders and scorpions trying to escape or bite me and it nice to deal with something that is not trying to kill me for a change.I love the warm earthy smell of my terrarium and every day I notice a change in my plants as they put out new leafs and scapes and stuff...

    Well, that is all from me for now!!!!!!

    The Evil Spider Hunter

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    Well, it sounds like everything is going quite well!

    Good luck!
    Liquid Plummer
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