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Thread: Please help me! *cries*

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    I recently got my flytrap..she is precious, anyway, I put her in this enviroment, and everything has been good. Since i live in Canada I put her in a glass jar with some moss and some other plants that are flytrap safe...and then i sealed it (the moss and other plants create oxygen) anyway, everything has been great, my plant has gotten bigger, she caught one of the live bugs i put in the jar, and then today i accidently hit one of the traps and it slammed shut! this is the 3rd time this particular trap has shut, it is the biggest most beautiful trap. I heard that once the trao has closed a certain amount of times it dies, is that true?? cause i dont want anything to die, when she was in her pot 2 traps died, and she has been ok for the last week or so in the jar. also, how often should i feed her? I know that all these questions are prolly asnwered somewhere on here, but i cant find them, please help a sad little canadian girl.....*sniffle* Thank you in advance to anyone that helps me.... anyway I am heading off to find more help.....kisses!

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    hi eyecandee! welcome to the forums!!!
    it is true. when a trap closes so many time it will die off. this is normal. more traps will grow. and more will die. the plant won't die because one trap was closed to many times. vfts also don't need to eat actually. that is just their "fertilizer" for say. they can live all through their life and never get a meal. so how much you feed it is up to you. I usually feed mine once ever 2-4 weeks. hope these help! have a great day and again welcome!
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    YA, The trap may die off, but before long a new (and probably bigger) trap will replace it. If you close the traps like, every single day with no food for it, it will weaken, but the odd closing will not hurt it.

    Good luck,
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    hey Eyecandee
    Welcome to the forums
    Im moving this for you to the venus flytrap forum for you so your questions can answered quicker.
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