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Thread: Colleges and botany

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    Hi everyone
    Thanks to a pep talk from a good friend (thanks Joel ) I have decided to pursue a life-long dream of getting a PhD in Botany. I won't be going through Alaska's University so I am looking at out of state. I'm looking for advice on what colleges or states offer the best Biology/ Botany programs. I've done my research and I know what the web sites say.. I'm looking for firsthand experience here.. people who have attended or know someone who has.
    As far as location goes I've been leaning towards Florida.. but I'm still open, nothing is set in stone yet
    Thanks for any advice you can offer..

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    Depends greatly just what your looking to do a your studies in. Many universities are very specific for different fields of study.

    My recommendation would be Cornell Ag and Life science
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    Yeah! I was going to suggest Cornell Ag/Life...I'm not in the ag school, but I think it does pretty well because I remember receiving some article from Cornell about various things, and i remember there was one about a student who germinated a really old seed that was soaked in some sort of old chemical blahblah i dont remember, but i read the whole article...
    but yeah, they have many diff specific and broad programs in the ag school...and it's nice here =]
    unfortunately they have no classes dealing with carnivorous plants...i actually tried looking for it to take it for fun

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