I've decided to make pots such that my subtropical terrarium looks a little like Ankhor Wat in Cambodia. It's gorgeous and suits the look of the plants.

I'll be using Pronto air-drying clay and spraying it with acrylic sealer to seal it up against the water. I'm open to any suggestions on pot manufacture, if this seems a poor choice.

At any rate, now for the fun part. I want to grow some other plants as well as well as CPs--something to simulate the strangler figs that grow around and through rock of the temples. Any suggestions from our more experienced terraria-keepers? Any particular CPs you think might fit here?

Thanks--I hope you have fun with this. For a while I was considering making it look like a Chinese restaurant, complete with wallpaper, and I still might do this with my next one, but for now I've got the clay handy and what the heck!

It'll have a nepenthes or two, some sundews, and a butterwort-- the last won't really fit the look, but I like butterworts so sue me.