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Thread: live sphagnum it...used it...

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    I just got back from a wonderful weekend of whitewater rafting on the Ottawa River and bungee jumping in Ottawa, Ontario and boy is my heart still the resort I stayed at I noticed in amongst some pine trees there was canadian sphagnum moss growing in abundance...I couldn't believe it. Anyways, I asked the resort owners if they would mind me taking a bag full and the said that it was ok. Now that I have it, I've put a top dressing on all my VFT's and still have some left over. How can I grow somemore? How could I store it so it stays alive? Should I put it in the fridge? Has anyone ever tried to grow it? Any feedback would be great!!!

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    Place it on a pot of peatmoss and keep it wet and in the same amount of sunlight as you found it. I grow mine in my outside bog, it does not like to dry out. Keep it as thick as possible to help control the mostiure loss.

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