(I posted this several weeks ago, but since posting the book was recalled due to a minor printing error. This has just been rectified, and the book is now available again. Just got my copy)

You might be interested to know that Charles Darwin's book Insectivorous Plants is back in print for the first time in over 100 years. It is a reprint of the first edition and is in a individually numbered limited edition run of 1000 copies (hardback). The dust jacket has a very nice commissioned painting of Drosera rotundifolia on it which is quite appropriate to all Darwin's experiments on this plant. The cost is 30 plus P&P although there is a discount for CPS members at 28 including P&P, which is a saving of about 13%
(UK only I think, postage may be more overseas) . I thought this was a very reasonable price for this classic work.

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