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Thread: Phenomenal cp dvd project

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    I just read this in the ICPS forum and thought I would share it with the group. I hope it is within the limits here.

    To any interested parties, Jim Miller, of the bogging duo, Hanrahan and
    Miller, asked me to drop the listserve a word on the project he is
    undertaking at this time. I guess discovering a rare species wasn't
    enough for Jim (S rosea f. luteola). He is taking footages of his and
    Bob Hanrahans bogging excursions and burning them to DVD. He will be
    showing bogs that used to be, and all the plants that were found there
    in their natural pristine condition. He is also covering the few
    remaining "hotspots" that only him and Bob Hanrahan know about, as well
    as footage of places belonging to the Nature Conservancy. You will see
    wide pan shots as well as close ups of pure species as well as the
    natural hybrids that live there, too. In discussing this with Jim, he
    says at present, he is only working on it in his spare time. Now, I
    don't know about you, but seeing Jim and Bob's field observations is
    like going back in time, to a time when the habitats were unspoiled, and
    full of different species, bogs that have now disappeared for the most
    part. Now Jim, like the rest of us, needs to make a living, so he has
    been only touching on the DVD a little here and a little there when he
    has free time. He has let me know that if ICPS members are interested,
    and offer their support, as well as some of the CP nurseries out there,
    he will shelve his other projects, and devote his time to getting this
    done in a timely manner, and dedicate himself wholeheartedly to this
    project. Here's the deal: All of us CP enthusiasts can preorder the DVD
    for $49.95 (shipping included, Fed Ex for an extra $6.95) and as soon as
    he gets a minimum of 20 orders, will devote his energies into finishing
    this 2 hour plus DVD. He will shelve everything else to get this into CP
    lovers hands. This is a worthwhile project, and for those not able to go
    to these places to view them in the wild, a real treasure trove of
    carnivores in their natural state. The DVD will be available after
    production for $59.95 plus shipping. So as you can see, those of us
    pre-order get a great deal. Retailers can contact Jim, and discuss
    wholesale cost when ordering three or more discs. I have already sent
    Jim the pre-order price, and anyone else interested in this fantastic
    work, order now for the low price that includes the shipping and
    handling. I encourage all ICPS members to support Jim's endeavors, and
    place your orders now, so he can get the project completed.Since the
    initial phase of the project will be on a small basis, Jim will have to
    individually burn the DVD's on his computer, and they will play on all
    but the oldest DVD players. I hope that many of you will find the
    prospect of owning this one-of a-kind DVD as exciting as I do, and will
    send Jim a check or money order right away. (The pre-orders will barely
    cover Jim's expenses, and his time involved, but he is willing to put
    aside all else to get the project done on a show of interest.) He is
    spending long hours to do this for all of us, preserving images that
    someday may be all we have left of these incredible, remarkable
    habitats! Over the last three decades, Jim has spent long hours in the
    field, in the 70's, and eighties, and donated tremendous quantities of
    seed to the ICPS Seed Bank Program. Not to mention the plants and seed
    he personally sent to many ICPS members back then. Chances are high that
    some plants in our collections can be directly attributed to Jim's
    efforts, on his own, and during his long association with Bob Hanrahan
    and World Insectivorous Plants, the WIP. If interested, send your check
    or money order to: Jim Miller, 2312 Bourgogne Drive, Tallahassee,
    Florida 32308 or e-mail him at I have
    already given mine, I would like to think that a lot of others would do
    the same. I, for one, can't wait to see these beautiful stands, most
    lost to habitat destruction,and have already placed my order with Jim. I
    can't wait to see this DVD. It's going to be great!! Good growing to all
    of you!! Steve Millar, member ICPS.

    I am ordering one!
    I remain a man obsessed with a genus

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    All of us CP enthusiasts can preorder the DVD
    for $49.95 (shipping included, Fed Ex for an extra $6.95) [/QUOTE]

    That's a bit high for a dvd no matter how cool it sounds. I'd be more inclined to do if it were a bit cheaper. Just my two cents.


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    If anyone buys it, put it up on KaZaa please

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    It sounds very awesome and something I would definitely want to see at some point. I can see why the price would be so high; however, for me it would be a luxury purchase, and I just have too many other things I should spend the $50 on for now. I would consider spending $20, but $50 is just too high.

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