Hi Casper,

Your POV is that of the businessman and from that single perspective it is understandable. The kind of work I do (teach) finds its motivation from itself -- the reason one does it is because the task itself -- NOT ITS FINANCIAL REWARDS -- is valuable, motivating and rewarding. The motivation comes from simply doing it -- certainly not the pay. I can understand that business -- except in rare cases -- does not provide intrinsic motivation. I doubt putting on roofs makes your life. No, the value is external -- financial reward. You do business to achieve something else -- money, family, luxury, etc.. All understandable. Businessmen have trouble understanding people who do a kind of work where the motivation is intrinsic and do not grasp the worldview such a lifestyle engenders. It is a foreign notion. One cannot help but understand the Republican or businessman POV growing up in Ameirca -- it is everywhere -- but there is little motivation for the Republican or businessman to understand a world where intrinsic motivation rules. This is why the so-called "liberal" platform always sounds so threatening to the businessman. It is based on an entirely different life experience than that of a life defined by business values -- it is not defined by external motivation. You take external motivation away from a businessman and he is lost. That is his world. But it is only a tiny piece of the whole world.
The problem is -- and this is the key problem with the Republican platform -- that the whole world is not made up of ONLY business and not every needed and necessary job is one that works by market principles. Some needed and necessary jobs will never pay well and offer limited advancement. The people doing them do them becuase they are motivated by things other than the financial payoff. For these jobs to exist in a society based solely on business principles that business POV must be enlightened enough to share; otherwise, the whole will suffer. FDR understood this and tried to teach business how to keep what is good in capitalism while regulating what is bad. This vision produced the great American middle class. It was only with the rise of the Republicans again in 1980 that FDR's wisdom was attacked based on shortsighted and selfish individual gain. American business felt it needed to return to 19th unregulated brutal capitalism as it was starting to seriously move on a global scale well beyond the old more self contained national one. The great often unrecognized tension in our political life comes from a mature and (until Reagan) socially responsible capitalism at home and a brutal, grasping 19th century style capitalism currently inventing and finacing globalization. 19th century capitalism in the form of globalization today only understands totally free unregulated markets and not social responsibility. It is not imaginative or patient enough to see both so it chooses to fight for the easy and known road for early capital development -- unregulated markets. Once globalization matures -- if capitalism does not go fascistic as it did in the 1930's -- hopefully, it will return worldwide to the humane FDR vision and leave the brutal Reagan one once again to the 19th century.
If businessmen understood this and allowed for a world with many POV toward "success", society and collective financial responsibility there might be room and understanding for all. Unfortunately, the Republican (business only with lots of God thrown in -- how about Pat Robertson wanting to nuke the Government while Jerry Farwell prays for the death of the Supreme Court justices -- who put Bush into power&#33[img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif[/img] platform only allows and trains one to see the world through the eyes of business and the principles of how capital works.
Business is only ONE reality in this world -- ONE. There are many, many, many others. I wish you could see more of them. Hopefully, in your travels you will learn to look.