Hey all,

I wanted to publically thank all of you for all your great B-Day wished. It has been an outstanding week!

I wanted to let you all know that turning 27 wasn't a bore.

I recieved:

A new bottle of colgne (Xerus Rouge, by Givenchy)
A Crystal Chess/Checkers set
A Globe made of semi precious stones (and pretty current I might add)
Tickets to take my wife to Beauty and the Beast at the famous Majestic Theater in San Antonio
Some Hasta Gro fertilizer, and a few other nick nacks...

any way, two of my favorite gifts:

A package of Cleary's shipped to me as an emergency fulfillment by Phil and Jeff, DIE FUNGUS DIE! (It's well on it's way to being dead&#33

and Pyro, my buddy... he send me a widdle baby Drosera Multifida, to which, ashamedly, this is my first chance to say "Thanks" (even though I don't think he knew it was a b-day present! It was&#33

I appreciate each and everyone of you, your well wished mean as much to me as any material gift.

God Bless!