Hi All....

While we're moving servers over the next couple of days... you'll be redirected to this IP address where our new site will soon be.

Until we have everything changed though... please access the site through petflytrap.com and use the forum link. It'll redirect you to whatever location is appropriate for the time.

Anyway, it seems ... after about 8 hours of working on this solid, that we got everything moved to the new server... and retained all posts, and data.... which is what I feared losing when our old server went down last weekend.

Now... hopefully this will be the hardest of it all!!

Next project (after a few hours of sleep) will be the shopping cart and the CP FAQ site.

Then we're set! All on a new home.

I'll be taliking to Pete about using his services for our webhome community and chat... but until then, you may experience some interruption.