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Thread: Newbe grower question

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    I have recently purchased my first venus flytrap. I have read Exotic Gardens' information about care and watering as well as other internet resources. It says that I should only use distilled or rain water to water my plant because the chlorine and other chemicals in tap water will make my plant sick. I am curious if I leave an uncapped bottle of tap water out for a few days if that would render it safe enough to use on my plant (Like preparing water for use with fish)?

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    TrevorK, unless you live in an area where the tapwater is naturally free of lime and other minerals, even letting the chlorine evaporate won't remove the minerals which will eventually kill the vft.
    You can buy distilled (not drinking water or spring water) from Walmart for around 60 cents a gallon and for one vtf, that will last you two or three months.

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    Hi TrevorK

    Welcome to the forums!

    Your best bet is rain, distilled or R.O. More and more grocery stores are offering R.O. water machines where you can bottle your own. If you bring your own container, its about 40 cents or so. And of course rain is free! (Ask how many people have buckets set out on their decks or yards).

    A lot of people think if you set tap water out the chemicals will evaporate. That is true to some extent but the minerals and salts remain. You can do a test...fill a clear glass with tap water and let it sit out until the water evaporates completely. Look in the glass and you will probably see a white film on the sides and bottom. That's the "bad stuff".

    Sounds like you've done your homework on your plant. Good for you! I'm sure it will grow well. Good luck!

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