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Thread: Does anybody grow fruitflies

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    Fruitflies are the miniature demons of this universe, and I would actualy say the same thing for all flies. Please, for your sanity, be very careful. I had a bad infestation in St. Louis, and you wouldn't believe the ####. They were mating in the air, all over the wall, in my food. Flie around you, no matter what your doing. Sometimes, they would flie into your mouth, and when you sleep at night, they can crawl into your ears. I'm dead serious about this. You have been warned my friend...

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    Thanks for all the suggestions.
    First let me address the wing vs. the wingless issue. The source I bought from had both kinds. I chose the winged for 3 reasons. One they are bigger, second is because these are not primarily for my plants they are for 3 lizards I have and they love flies, it'll be more of a challenge for them to catch the winged and I thought they would like them better. Third is because it'll be more fun to watch them catch them if they have to jump for them.
    I may be asking for trouble but with the number of flies that my lizards require I think they will get the fly population down.
    If they become too much of a problem then I'll have to go to the wingless.
    The mold issue. Here's how I plan to tackle that problem. After every batch of flies I'm going to use a new jar and new medium, I think if I rotate often I can stay ahead of the mold.
    Now for the crickets. I am going to raise them in the bottom of my growroom. I have made a a way for them to get out so that when they do they will be eaten, mostly by the lizards and hopefully by some plants too.
    Again if this gets out of hand I'll try something else.
    Remember I'll be more than glad to trade flies or crickets in the future. Nick if you want a culture of flies pm me.

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    I have not have mold infect my cultures since I started using it, use more vinegar then water.

    My Grow List Updated 8/24/17

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