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Thread: How do i show pics

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    Hey everyone! i would love to show my plants off but i dont know how i up load them " im very computer illiterate" lol
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    Hello EC

    First you need to have your photos uploaded to a server. Petflytrap offers some storage space to each member but personally I don't use it so I can't help on that end. If you use AOL, they offer 2MB of space per screen name. Once you have your photos accessible on a server you use the following code structure in your post:

    {img}http://(your server address where pics are stored)/(file name){/img}

    When actually posting a pic, replace the face brackets with the square ones.

    For example, it would look like this:


    Only those would be square brackets.

    I should say that is how I do using AOL as my server.

    Hope that helps you.


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