I am going to add to this. *I am not trying to anger or offend anyone. *I am going to try to explain somethings as I see them. *This is not direct toward anyone in general.

censorship - What does this mean?

a : the institution, system, or practice of censoring
b : the actions or practices of censors

censor -
1 : one of two magistrates of early Rome acting as census takers, assessors, and inspectors of morals and conduct
2 : one who supervises conduct and morals: as a : an official who examines materials (as publications or films) for objectionable matter b : an official (as in time of war) who reads communications (as letters) and deletes material considered sensitive or harmful
3 : a hypothetical psychic agency that represses unacceptable notions before they reach consciousness

Censorship is yelled a lot.

We can take this in two ways. *First, It can be taken to mean that the mods only allow for a certain train of thought. *You must agree with them, as a whole, or your opinion will not be allowed. *It says that the mods do away with a post because of the idea it portrays. *I have not seen this. *As a mtter of fact I have seen the mods disagree, in a friendly and adult manner, with each other.

Or we can take it the second way, "an official who examines materials (as publications or films) for objectionable matter." *Some may think that this is a statement of thought that is off of the main stream. *But is it possible that it is a statement that may start and argument and cause bad feelings among the members eventhough it was not meant it that manner? *Something that could be taken as personal? *Could it be the stopping of statements that could be considered offensive or argumentative?

It all comes down to your opinion, doesn't.

I believe that mods here are acting in the second manner. *I have seen some argumentative, offensive and annoying post here. *These are done by the few and someone must be able to step in say "stop, whoa, wait a minute, I can see that this post is going to cause some problems." *Some of you out there are probably getting a little up tight right now thinking, hey, that's my right of free speech your walking on. *As an officer I can inform you that there is not as much free speech allowed by law as you think. *Your right of free speech stops at offending others. *Now how can that be! *What about demonstrations? *Demonstrations are held in areas that others that do not want to hear that specfic opinion can easily avoid the demonstration. *They also must be applied for or it can be considered illegal. *Demonstrations are controlled. *A topic can be addressed, but it can not turn to purposely offending. *The control is still there. Well, can't the topic be avoided here? *Not really. *This forum is like a room that is crowded with people. *It is a meeting place. *I see, "well, if you don't like it you can just ignore", but that is not true. *I find myself avoiding the general discussion area too much. *Hey, I'm missing some good stuff to ignore some annoying and offensive post.

First and foremost we must always take into consideration the feelings of other before speaking (posting), but being human beings, this does not always happen. *This is and must be a controlled area to some degree. *It is the mods job to step in and contol post to the end of keeping the peace. *Sometimes they might jump the gun, but they too are human. *The mods job is more difficult then some of you are going to believe. *They have to step on toes and often anger others. *They must face the fact that some will not like them. *They are doing us a service. They are to be thanked. *I thank you and I have seen post by others that thank you. *Censorship is not necessarily evil or wrong and sometimes it is a necessary evil. *I am alowed my freedom of speech, but I try (most of the time) to take into consideration the feelings of other before letting the words fly. *This does not mean I can not speak, but means that I will be careful in chosing my words. *

Hey UNC, you are in good company. *I have been called a Nazi (I am not) so many times this month I am going to have to learn how to goose-step. *Welcome and let it bounce off. *In my case they see the uniform, in your case, the mod. *They are not attacking the person. *They do not know you. *I would be proud to know you.

If the mods see erason to delete, go right ahead:laugh: