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Thread: VFT research

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    Okay, first things first, I have this excessivly detailed VFT care guild fineshed and I was wondering if someone could proof it for me I think you'll all like it when it is done I coverd a lot of veiwpoints.

    Okay on subject, what sort of research has been done with VFT? I'm going to list some things and if you know, chime in Thanks

    Pigments(SP?): What pigments are found in them and is it amount or type of pigment that varries between most plants and all reds.

    Chromosome #: Do "giant" type flytraps have alterd chromosomal numbers like most other giant type plants, and if so has anyone intentionally made them via genetic enginearing?

    All Reds: Are their intence colors due to just the right lining up of pigment allels (as in humans) or do they have more of these genes then other VFT or is it an entire chromosome that has been replicated.

    Clone Happy Plants: Is this genetic or induced by an external source during a key time in development or both? What chemicals within the plant are triggering this event?

    Fungle partner: Most bog plants have one or more fungle partners (actually, most plants have partners, but fungle dominate the bogs), has one been identified on wild VFT's or are they an exception to the rule? Has anyone botherd to look?

    Fungle partner part two: There are 4 symbiotic fungi's commonly found in acid bog ecosystems around the world (and many regional ones) have any of these been tested with VFT's and other bog CP's in cultivation?

    Fungle partner part three: I'm asking this stuff because according to my studies this samester(SP?), the structure of vft roots are very very indicative of a plant use to having a fungle partner (not microble though).

    Random Question:
    Any tips on saving "Green" my sickly VFT (the fungiside made it WORST!)? Should I go extream and cut off the top, pop it out of the soil, wrap it and pop it in the fridge in hopes of new growth next spring? It oviously isn't doing to well in the dirt (1 dieing leaf left and a new leaf pokeing up)
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    just moving this to the venus fly trap forum...

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