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Thread: I hate worms.....

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    Yesterday my computer crashed. It had been giving us problems for a couple days already, but we didn't realize it was a virus until it was too late. Plus, it spread to my dad's laptop and crashed that too. We weren't able to salvage anything (including photos) because my dad was afraid that if we put anything on his Pin Drive or a Floppy, the worm(s) would spread there also. He spent all night wiping the harddrive, and reinstalling Windows 98. Before his laptop crashed he downloaded an Anti-Virus program. It didn't help anything, but he found out it was some type of worm called "Puta!!". Plus, there were a couple other worms with similar names (I can't remember). Anyway, I'm spending today loaded with Tylenol (I got my braces tightened), reinstalling all my games and new taking pics of all my plants/terrarium.

    What sucks the most is that I lost my 150+ song music collection, which took me forever to download with my (very) bad 26K connection.



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    I'm really sorry to hear about that Mike. I know how hard things like that are...I had a HD crash several years ago at work and I lost all my jobs. It took a looooong time to recover from it.

    Thankfully, MACS are relatively virus free. Not that they aren't out there, but 99.5% of viruses circulating are for the PC platform, so I don't have to worry so much.

    My advice...GET A MAC!

    J/K! (Well, ok, I'm not...I'd recommend a Mac to anyone), but I know its a crushing disappointment to lose things like that.

    I hope in the future you can stay virus free...make sure you keep your profiles updated.

    Good luck!
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    ...Good advice PAK. ALTHOUGH my advice is... Have anti virus before getting the virus. I've been online for for about 9 years now. And have always used an antivirus (Norton appears to be best.. McAfee has problems... even the army won't use it ) and I've recieved one small virus. Which norton took care of. The worst Enemy for me is the Hard drive going out... Solution, back ups. :-)
    Good luck with it all!!!
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