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Thread: Garden Watchdog

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    Garden Watchdog is site where you can review and research mail order nurseries. I reviewed a company called Sarracenia Northwest which is, so far, the only company I have ordered CPs from.

    This is a great site for those just starting a CP collection.

    P.S. - Review your favorite companies!

    P.P.S. - I'm not trying to deter people from Pet Flytrap I just think this is a good place.

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    I visited the page briefly. I really don't know anything about their focus, but there are some considerations I would like to mention. These are general considerations and are in no way associated with the site on the link you provided, which may very well be as good as gold.

    Just as with any sort of assessment reviews, one must ask some questions before simply accepting the evaluations presented therein.

    Why are they doing this? Are they associated with "special interest?" Are they impartial, and how can you be sure?

    How many members are involved with the feedback from which the evaluations are made?

    If you don't have these answers, then take what is being proffered with a "grain of salt" that is, with some healthy skepticism.

    I am not implying that they are not on the up and up, just want to instill some healthy skepticism since you can't really believe everything you find on the internet.

    I know that Terra Forums and Petflytrap, Inc. are not listed on many "Top" lists, and I am sure you can see this does not accurately reflect the real picture, since this is evidently the largest forum in the English speaking world. One would assume such lists were impartial, but this would be a false assumption. Sometimes inclusion on such lists demands a fee, or prior regisration. There are many people that try to profit from web politics of this sort.

    So, keep an open mind. It might be meaningful, or it might not. I'd hate to see you waste your money on a false good evaluation, or pass up a great deal due to a false bad one ;-)>

    "Grow More, Share More"

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