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Thread: Our New Page

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    Our new web page is up.
    There are pictures of our personal collection as well as pics from California Carnivores and Darlingtonia Wayside. Plus shots of Alaska, California, and Oregon carnivorous plants. I'll be uploading more pics as I find them so please check back often over the next week.
    Our Page

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    You have an awesome webpage. Darlingtonia is such a wonderful CP and your pictures are great.

    I hope I can go to that CP site some day. I used to live in OR but that was about ten years ago and I new nothing of CPs back then.

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    Nice. I really want to see some native AK plants before I leave. Here in Anchorage, I've seen a lot of sphagnum like moss across the street. Should cps be neer by?

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    Thanks guys!
    Nathaniel- Cp's are all over near Anchorage. I've seen Drosera in bogs on Turnagain arm just outside of Anchorage and Utricularia is all over Potter's Marsh. If you have questions feel free to e-mail me at bonnie at gerradroberts dot com

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