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Thread: journey to find truth

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    Ok, for anyone who might be slightly religious, this should prove interesting. For those who sware off it, please dont be offended in anyway. I'm just sharing some abstract views that touch on science, religion, and about every other thing you can think of apparently. First off, read this:

    It is a forum, just follow the link in the first post at the top of the page (the link is called "this article") I greatly encourage you to read the 9 page article. Although I cant say to what extent it tells the truth, it is facinating non the less. Although I dont quite agree with the issue of having another "me" out there, the parts about there being four main levels to reality/universe is the most significant for me. If you've read that, please continue and read this page by a group of serious Christians:

    Read the first page, then follow the link to the chart of the 12 dimensional levels. As you can see, the chart divides it into "FOUR" main levels. I think this is extremely interesting the way abstract science and deep religious beliefs can have such a strong connection, and possibly point to a central truth. I am not asking that anyone adopt any of theese ideas, but am simply sharing my belief in Christianity, and the fact that it has a strong connection tom science, and proving for me once again that god exists.

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    I would like to say furthermore that I had spent over a month, after viewing the second website I posted, researching all types of scientific subjects and their connections to religion and the bible, and prophecy. The more I read and learn, it becomes like plotting points on a graph, and drawing and connecting lines. It all begins to take shape, perhaps the shape of the ultimate "truth". I think it amazing that after all that, I was able to find scientific theories that point me right back to the info on that christian website. It is in my belief, all connected. I posted this topic here for lack of a better place, and hope that nobody will be offended, and no agressive arguing will ensue, but constructive criticism is always welcome.

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    Well, here are my thoughts on Cosmotheologeneration. :-) I think the Universe Anthropic, but really all in the mind of The One: a universe that is the necessary subset of infinite possibility where Cosmic separation generates identity delimited by the electro/magnetic time/space continium (i.e. our universe): we can only see and sense within these terms, they are the limits of our sensation. The real mindbender is when you realize that the "Big Bang" never really happened, and that all this "reality" is The One contemplating the Primal Atom and "imagining" what it could possibly be (and thus genenerating spin off possibility!)? This is the eternal instant where individual consciousness is crying out in its endless permutations like fractal reiterations, insisting, "I AM!" It's the babies cry, just as it is the cry of The One as the full Daydream becomes Real to the infinite and eternal consciousness, and the One becomes the Many, incarnating into space/time and "pretending" it is real. Ex unum et pluribo! The One has forgotten Itself, and now all the forces of Paradox generated by this plane of consciousness will come in to play: good/evil. beautiful/ugly, life/death. yin/yang to distract the One from SelfAwareness. Understanding the resolutions of these equations and regaining the "Cosmic Consciousness" is one step closer to compressing all the matter of the Universe BACK into the primal Atom by a sort of Cosmic Algebra, until The One breaks the spell of the Daydream, and surrenders the emotion of desire/love/attachment for that little shining sphere that Is, Was and Forever Shall Be: The One. The process is repeated in every speck of consciousness, for all are The One (although evidently still distracted and attached): E pluribus unum, or "Out of many, One".

    Another anology would be to see this Time/Space Matter/Energy Electro/Magnetic continium as simply the cross section of a 4th dimensional solid which is eternal and indestructable: i.e. The One. Each experiential life or soul is another crosssection of the Primal Atom as the One takes the measure of it: again, a fractal reality: another equation written from a x = x-1, a feedback loop that generates our Universe, or as the Mystics say "As above, so Below"

    Different theologies and mythologies and philosophies have chased this dragon, only to have it suddenly bite their rear. "What is Truth" is a pretty good question if you're really not looking for answers. "Truth" is another mathmatical function, part of Logic but the conclusions are only as valid as the premise. Of the three above, I lean toward Mythology to grasp the nature of this plane of being I am incarnated into.
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    That was beautiful!

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