Amazing! My first plants to show interest in flower that I actually wanted to flower (My runt of a VFT tried to last year, but I didn't let it because I had just transplanted it) are two of my "youngest" or at least I thought they were o_O Yah, you guessed it, it's two of my newest plants. All I can guess is that when I set my light timer over to an active growth period it triggerd them. Okay okay, I'll tell you It's my D. intermedia 'Cuba' that I just got as a plantlett from Copper o_O that one was a shocker I can tell you, but it has doubled it's size since I got it just this December, so thanks for the fast matureing plant Copper The second is one I think many VFT lovers will be wanting pollin from. It's my all red trap, green petiol plant that I saved from the cold dark backroom of a Fruit Basket Flower Land. This one I had suspected to be mature however I'm on spring break come this friday so i'll try and post pictures. I'm excited.