Has anyone else seen that CP segment on National Geo's "Built for the Kill"?

I had just become bored so I decided to thaw out some pizza and watch some TV for a couple hours... I put in a movie and thought to myself "hm... there may be something interesting on TV right now..." I'm not much of a TV guy, but I like to catch some discovery channel network shows or some National Geo channel from time to time. I often think that it would be a bummer if I was watching this stupid movie, and the entire time I could have been watching some documentary about a wolf pack or something. For that reason, usually I quick scan through the "learnin'" channels real quick.
Who knew that when I turned on the TV and turned to the NG channel, I was greated by a close-up of a Nepenthes pitcher! That was quite a pleasant surprise.

The show was "Built for the Kill" which is some weekly segment that NG does on wildlife. The CP part was abooouuutt... 5-10 mins? It was groovy, though. A bunch of brief time-lapse videos of sundews and such. Nothing terribly informative, but 100x better than stuff like E's "Wild on" or just about anything on MTV.