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Thread: Still here

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    I'm not dead, sick, or gone. I'm just at the end of the year school crunch. I only have a few mins to type, but I'll be back on regularly in about a week. I do not have time to respond to PMs just yet, but I will ASAP. Sorry if I worried anyone who I have traids going with... Oh and cchang I got your letter and seeds, I'll PM you next week with details.... For others interested in traids, I'll start contacting you and/or sending things next week

    In happier news, a buch of my now 6 year old sarr seeds sprouted from the planting last year, the bad news is, I killed one cause I was collecting sphagnum for another pot and broke it's top off... however, I never would have found the rest if not for the accident so I guess it's okay.
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    We look forward to hearing from you

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