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    Hey, I like this discussion! Don't go away. I'm not bored. It has been helpful. All of need to be educated about our pc's. The Spy Block 2.0 advertizement appears every day, once a day, residing on *top of my MSN homepage. I have to scroll down to get to the real homepage. After navigating away, it doesn't show up again for the duration of the day. I just installed Ad-Aware (not to be confused with Adware - the nasty stuff) and ran a scan. It quaranteened 253 items. I also did NOT see the Spy Block 2.0 advertizement this morning. Hmmm, I think Ad - Aware beat up on the Spy block 2.0 ad - as well as a few other things. Keep posting!

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    Trashcan, I didn't intend for this to turn in to an argument, so I am disappointed if you have hard feelings. *I hope(d) that people can tell what of my writing is opinion and fact. *Furthermore, I am saddened that we can't discuss this in person, typing muddles my thinking even more than it usually is (which is still pretty bad). *I would like to adress the ignorance that shows up in some of my posts, a) I have these discussions so I can learn, b) my last post shouldn't have been posted at that time, i.e. before further revision could be made, bad choice on my part, and c) we appear to have been looking at this from two different viewpoints, your's: hard fact backed by links, and mine: speculation as I am trying to learn, expecting to be incorrect and statements based on my own experience (why are there 10 new lines in system.ini? WHY are my mouse drivers corrupted now?! Etc.). *So, not to end this conversation on a bitter note, or one that makes me look more stupid than I have to, I'll leave you with a link.
    -I guess we're not the only ones ever to have had this very discussion. *
    Ok well, enough of that. *

    Jim, I'm glad that you managed to get rid of that Spyblock ad. *I suppose if anyone has any questions I'll continue to post, but unless someone wants to meet it person, I'm done arguing.
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