Hello everybody!

I just wanted to let you all know that the LISTING PERIOD for the auction opens sometime tonite. I don't know exactly when as it depends on when an Admin can get to it. Technically it should be around midnite but might be before or after. (Remember...this ain't eBay on "automatic").

Please try to participate in listing donations and/or bidding. Remember...this isn't about "acquiring", its about "giving" to a CONSERVATION project.

I know money is tight for just about everybody...so don't worry if you can't bid a lot or often. Consider making a sacrifice...forego the extra large pizza or hold off on that CD you wanted. We all blow money on "things"...lets all try to give up a little for a very important cause.

It Takes a Community To Make a Difference!

If you can't participate in the auction, donations of ANY amount are appreciated too. Direct donations can be sent to Casper. His mailing addy is posted in the OFFICIAL Auction Rules pinned in the Auction Forum.

The next 7 days are for posting and viewing listings. NO BIDS yet! I will notify everyone when the actual auctin begins.

Thank you in advance for participating and contributing to this wonderful project. This is a great opportunity for you ALL to help ensure that the beautiful North American pitcher plant in all its forms stays in cultivation and its native environment for generations to come! Can you even imagine this planet without them?

I hope the auction is fun and you all find something that tickles your fancy! Or...tickles something else.

Any questions...feel free to contact me or Technoracer!

Thanks for your patience with all the ad posts!

Your PAKtioneer