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Thread: Seed packet folding for newbies

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    It's seed season for many, so thought this might be useful to the newbies Excuse the poor quality pics, I only have a couple of minutes to spare.while I'm playing hooky from finishing my thesis.

    I'm sure there are many methods to fold packages for seed storage or mailing, but here's how I do it.

    Start off with a square piece of paper (in this case a post-it-note)

    1. Fold in half so you have a triangle shape
    2. Fold two "arms" on the sides of your triangle.
    3. Align them so that the arms are even
    4. Tuck one arm inside the other's fold
    5. Fold right where the two arms meet in the center
    6. The last flap fits right in
    7. Turn over and label
    8. Unfold the entire thing, place seeds inside, and refold.

    A flytrap ate my homework!

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    This has to be PINNED. Good job, we needed one of those, thanks Michelle!

    Nice to see ppl are taking their time to help Noobies like me.

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