I have a lot happening here and am falling behind in all my correspondences. I have gotten to be a popular guy I guess, lol, and I love ya all. It gets hard to track everything sometimes though, so.....

If I owe you something and have forgotten, please let me know. I am working on the seed divisions now, and have some requests on file. Not to worry about that. Several folk have sent envelopes....you know who you are, so let me say thanks now for those, they will help with the distribution project.

If you have sent me anything and not been thanked, please PM me and slap me upside the head, OK? I never want to appear ungrateful, but man! I am up to 20 emails a day again, lots of PM's, and both pollen and the summer has me drifting here and there. I don't think I have missed any thank you's but things can fall through the cracks.

Thanks for understanding.