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Thread: Best water level for vfts and sarrs.

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    (I decieded to copy this topic to the general forum as well as the greenhouse/bog forum..I dont think that forum gets as much traffic as this forum..)

    This is a topic that seems to have a very wide range of opinions..

    What is the best water level height for a mini bog?

    I have been growing Sarrs and VFTs in individual 4" pots for many years, with trays, only an inch or so of the water level is maybe 25% up the side of the pot..
    meaning the bottom 25% of the growing medium is totally waterlogged, while the top 75% is just wet, but also contains air..

    So with a larger bog, with a drainaige hole drilled somewhere in the side, where should the hole be placed? (for VFT's and Sarrs)
    some people say low, some people say very high..(I have just been reading up on mini-bogs on-line and have seen a wide range of opinions..)
    just to keep our terms clear, lets talk about a hypothetical minibog made from a bowl that is 10 inches high..
    If we drilled the drainage hole at 1" from the bottom, it would be "10% water"
    If we drilled the hole at 5" it would be "50%"
    50% actual waterlogged media and 50% open media..
    if the hole was 9" from the bottom it would be 90% waterlogged..
    9 inches filled with water and only one inch of media above the water table..
    everyone with me?
    For the sake of this discussion, the plants are planted at the very top, at the 100% level.

    All the wild Sarracenia purpurea I have seen seem to be growing rather high up off the water level, in thick spongy spagnum..probably a good 12" above the actual water surface of the im thinking a mini bog should be a bit on the dry side, a low water table..maybe the 10% or 20% mark..but would that make the media too dry??
    im thinking 25% is probably ideal, but I would like to see what everyone else thinks..and what level people actually keep their bogs at..

    I would also be interested to hear what water level people keep sarrs and VFTs at in general..even in small pots..not just mini-bogs..


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    I just keep mine wet. Not really a dedicated metered water level. I let many plants dry out almost bone dry then re wet harm has ever occured.

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