I picked this plant up a few weeks ago at a local nurcery. I found it similar to one of the plants that PlantAKiss posted in the NASC auction.

Anyway... it says is a bog plant and needs wet soils. I am planning to use this in a larger bog garden this year but do not have much info on the plant. I have read that is is hardy from zones 4-10 and can take partial shade. I have also read that it is a very weedy plant and even found it listed as invasive in some areas.

The pot the plant came in is full of time release fertilizer. I removed most of this since I am planning on adding it to a CP bog.

Does anyone else grow this plant and how are you growing it? Mine just sits in about 1/2 of water most of the time and seems to be doing fine with it. The soil doesn't appear to be a peat mix, more of a bark mixture.

Here is a photo:

Thanks for any info.