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Thread: Alltel wireless

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    Thumbs down

    I just wanted to share a letter I wrote to Alltel. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureua. I wrote this letter through It's a great site, that will help you when a big business treats you unfair. You should check out alltel's feedback on and (Better Business Bureua) They do the same thing to alot of other people that they did to me.

    Here's the letter.

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]July 21, 2004

    Joe T Ford, CEO
    Alltel Communications Services
    1 Allied Drive
    Little Rock, AR 72202-2013

    Mark Todd


    Dear Mr. Ford,

    The world thrives on communication today, which is why I'm so upset with the
    customer service at Alltel Communications Services. Quite honestly, I'm furious
    about this issue. Just for the record, here's my telephone information: ### ### ####.

    Here's my complaint: I am very annoyed at alltel. I feel that I have been conned
    by the company, and my money has been stolen from me twice.
    The problems started as soon as I got my new phone. The phone worked ok for two
    days. Then it said I had no service. I called customer service and they told me
    that they must have a tower down and to wait for a day then my service should be
    restored. I waited the problem was never fixed. So I called back, again they
    told me they had a tower down and I should wait. Again I waited. The next day I
    called back, they told me that there was no tower down, there must be a problem
    with my phone, and told me to take it back to the store where I bought it. I
    informed the technician that I bought the service over the phone with them. He
    then went through my info and found that my service was turned off. I can
    understand things go wrong and mistakes happen, so I let it slide.
    The next problem happened after I had the phone for about two months. My phone
    was destroyed by my dog. I know that was my fault, but that is no excuse for
    what happened next. I went to an Alltel dealer and asked to buy another phone. I
    was told it was cheaper to cancel the service and open another one. So I did.
    When I made my last payment I (in good faith) overpaid by $4. I was planning to
    use your service for many years, so I knew that in time I would use that money.
    You told me that it is your policy to not refund money from a prepaid account.
    The $4 was mine that I worked for. You did not provide me any services for it. I
    think if you cared about your customers you would not steal money from them.
    Like I said I was wanting to be a longterm customer, so I let this slide too.
    The next problem happened about 2 weeks after I got my new phone. All of a
    sudden I couldn't get any reception in the town that I live in. The phone would
    say no service. When I was near a tower I would get maybe one or two bars of
    reception. I called customer service and they told me once again that a tower
    was down. I waited a day and then called back. I was told that there was no
    tower down but they would put in a work order to see if there was a problem with
    the towers. I waited another day. I called back. I was told that there was a
    problem with my phone. They said the software needed upgraded. Like I said this
    was a brand new phone, why would the software need upgradeing? But I wanted my
    phone fixed so I let him try to upgrade the software. He said it didn't work and
    I had to take it in to a dealer to be upgraded. This was Saturday on Memorial
    day weekend. He told me that the closest dealer to me would be open on Sunday. I
    already knew that they were closed on Sundays, and I asked him to check and see
    if they would be open on Monday. He told me yes. I went there on Monday and they
    were closed. I went back on Tuesday. The dealer tried to upgrade the software
    but said he couldn't. I had to take it to a dealer in the next town. So I drove
    to the next town. They upgraded the software. I left and I still had the same
    problems. So I once again called customer service. I told them all I had went
    through and my phone still didn't work. They told me I had to take it back to
    the dealer. I went back to the dealer where I had bought the phone and told him
    the phone still didn't work. He told me that he would have to send the phone off
    to be repaired and that could take six weeks. I said what do I do while the
    phone is being fixed, I need to have a phone. He said he would give me a loaner
    phone but he was out of them. He told me that if I go to the store in the next
    town they may have a loaner for me. So I went back to the other dealer. They
    told me since I didn't buy the phone there they couldn't give me a loaner. Again
    I had wasted my gas because of misinformation your agent gave me. So I once
    again called customer service. I told them all I had went through and my phone
    still didn't work. The response I got was I'm sorry there is nothing I can do. I
    asked to be compensated for all the time I had been without a phone, the
    misinformation I had gotten from your customer service, the wasted gas I had
    used going back and forth to one dealer to the other. They told me that since I
    was a prepaid account they couldn't reimburse me. They said since I was prepaid
    there was nothing that they would do to make it up to me. I almost canceled the
    service right then. You should realize that I don't have a contract, and since I
    don't I can close my account with you at any time and go to another phone
    company. You should work harder to make me happy instead of treating me like a
    second class customer. I went back to the dealer I bought the phone from and
    demanded that he either fix my phone, give me a loaner phone, or give me a new
    phone. I refused to leave the store until he did one of the three. After about
    10 mins he saw I was serious, and he agreed to give me a loaner phone.
    What happened next was the final straw, it not only made me cancel your service
    but proved to me that you don't care at all about your customers, and you are
    nothing but a common thief.
    I got a call from the dealer that sent my phone off to be repaired. He said my
    phone was in. I went to pick it up. He told me that the phone had moisture
    damage and it couldn't be fixed. He told me I had to buy another phone. I told
    him that this phone was brand new, I used it less than two weeks. There was no
    way it could have moisture damage. There was no signs at all of any moisture in
    the phone. The screen was perfectly clear. I figured that was just a trick by
    you and the dealer to make me buy another phone instead of fixing the phone I
    had. I told him I refuse to buy another phone and I want to cancel the service.
    I had paid my bill in full two days earlier. I told him that I wanted my money
    back. He spent 45 mins on the phone and then told me that a supervisor was going
    to call him back. He said he would call me when he hears something. He called me
    about an hour later and said that I couldn't have my money. The money I work
    hard for. You didn't do anything to earn that money. You took it and then
    refused to fix my problem. In my opinion that is the same thing as stealing. I
    just want you to know that I will not go away quietly. I'm also going to contact
    the Better Business Bureau. You need to do the right thing here. Before this
    happened I was going to get another account for my wife, so you have already
    lost two customers. I read your feedback on and I see that
    you have stolen alot of peoples money. This is no isolated event.
    I'm not surprised, and do you know why? I've been very dissatisfied with your
    company in the past. But given the nature of this problem, I'll take my business
    elsewhere from now on. And I'll definitely tell other people about my negative
    experience so they can avoid it in the future.

    Here's what I'd like to see happen: I want you to refund the $4 that you kept of
    mine from my first account, I want the $40 from the second. I want you to pay
    for the miles that I had to travel because all the misinformation that you gave
    me. (135 miles x .50 a mile)I also want you to pay for the brand new phone that
    I can't use and the days that I couldn't use my phone (10 days - $15).
    I would also recommend that you make a policy change so this doesn't happen
    again. Just because somebody chooses not to have a contract, doesn't mean that
    you should treat them with any less respect. They still pay their money just
    like you customers with a contract. You should do more to keep their business
    because they can at anytime drop you and go to another carrier, just like I did.

    I hope you get back to me soon. In this age of modern communication, seemingly
    simple things should not go unresolved. I'll expect a response within 10
    business days.


    Marcy Kaptur
    Mike DeWine
    George Voinovich
    I'll post their reply when and if I get one.

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    Wow, long story. Filled with lots of crap from them. I hope you get something for it all. The way I read it... this is just the warm up round. hehe
    Good luck,
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    tell him if he doesn't do wat you said you'll do voodoo on him.. like your email.

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    they stole our money, and thne they cancelled our cell phones without warning, which could have been dangerous because I use it when I go biking and fishing and stuff, and my sister uses it when she goes on trail rides on her horse for about 4 hours.
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    Its really sad when a company doesn't take care of their customers. I would be interested in knowing if the phone was truely damaged by moisture. Do you happen to know anyone in the cell phone business that might do a free checkup on the phone? Does the phone look like it was even taken apart? There is usually some signs that the phones were taken apart due to pry marks or damaged screw heads.

    You may also want to look into sending your complaint to the Attorney Generals Office.

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    Why should you expect civil and equitable treatment - you should know by now that it never goes right for the little guy. You need to calm down. Go watch some TV and have a Bud and forget all this stuff like a good cow. Have a Prozac and quit harassing the hardworking taxpaying companies Ozzy, or you are going to find yourself in another jam like you did with those nice folk at Paypal. The problem with the American consumer is that they still believe in the old BS that the consumer has some sort of rights and protection. Everybody knows how the story goes, so just lie back and accept it as your lot in life: unless your son is a Lawyer you can expect to be screwed.

    Frankly, I have considered having some fake lawyer envelopes printed up just for moments like these. A registered letter from a Lawyer would likely be all that is needed for a speedy resolution of this problem. Other avenues to explore are to see if any of the other customers are considering a class action against the company, and to throw in with them on that if there is such.

    Someday the guy responsible for this treatment will find himself DOWN BELOW standing in a river of molten gold. He will be promised that it is only a temporary thing until proper placement is found. He will be given a cel phone and told to await the Call. It will be your phone that they hand to him.
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    Our business use to have Alltel but we did not have any big problems like that. Good grief! That would tick me off..We switched to Verizon and they are not much better *Can you hear me now? no!*. I think customer service is very important.

    I pesonally do not own a cel phone becuase I think it is a nag line when you are out. People can not use a pay phone any more, only cost 50 cents or so. I thought Americans were bad with there cell phones but I think the Italians take the cake. Cant we just live by the KISS principle.
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    Wow. That is a horrible story. You definitely need to get away from Alltel. That is who I have my cell phone with but I haven't had any problems other than finding out they will not repair a phone that is over a year old (out of warranty). They make it so that it costs so much to repair a phone, that you are basically FORCED to buy a new one every year. I think this is ridiculous. Like you said, what kind of customer service is that? They just want to keep the consumer buying phone after phone after phone. I was pretty pissed off when I found out that they wouldn't repair it...I wasn't told that when I signed up for their service. They should tell you right up front your phone is only good for a year because they won't repair it after that.

    I hope you get satisfaction from them. But they are a "corporation" who doesn't care about their customers.
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