If there's anyone into sculpting wax who's been looking into wax pens or "waxers" as used by Hasbro and other toy companies for prototypes I wanna say, save your cash and try what I'm gonna do...

Tonight I was buying some beeswax at Michaels Craft store for a sculpting wax recipe I'm gonna try and went to find my girlfriend so we could go. She was looking at stencils and that was boring so I started looking around and they sell this thing by Plaid for cutting out your own plastic stencils:

The only difference between this woodburner with fine needle point tips and the professional wax carving pen is the low temperature. What could make this cheapie heat up to only 100-200*F instead of 750*F (which is too high and will burn the wax)? A light dimmer switch of course! So I am going to attach a light dimmer between the pen and the power plug and set it on low and here I'll have the same thing as a professional wax pen for only $20 instead of $250-$500!

These needle tips are the same size as a standard woodburning pen tips so you can buy or make any tip shapers you could want!

Happy sculpting!