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Thread: Newb question

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    Hi, im a newb and was wonder what would be best to keep a venus flytrap in, like a container or something, is there anything special, and how do i feed it
    sorry if this is in the wrong forum but there is noone in the other forums.

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    Hi Wil,
    I have moved your post the appropiate forum. As for no one being "in" a given forum, don't worry! These forums aren't a chat feature, they are a message board, so you may have to wait a little while for a response, but you will get one.

    I grow my VFT's in a regular plastic pot (I have several in a plastic window box as well). I use LFS, pete and perlite for a mix, and they seem to like it. I don't actually feed mine, as they catch enough on their own.
    I grow mine on the tray method (for those in pots) which means I sit the pot in a tray of water about 1/2 to 1" deep. My window box in undrained, so they are currently swimming from our last rainstorm. May have to throw in a few life jackets, lol. Only use pure water. Most tap water has too many minerals and will slowly kill your plant.
    VFT's like sun, but if you get one in a store, chances are it's not used to the sun, so tan it slowly...Only an hour or so of direct sun for the first few days, then you can increase to 2 get the picture... They get sunburned just like you or I would after being inside all winter.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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