Again, these are pics from my visite to the New York Botanical Garden.

Lets start off in the 'Speacialty' section. these cp where placed in a large terranium like thing. i wonder how they got some of the plants to go dormant in there?

Some D. capensis

bunch of S. purpureas, some in flower. sorry about the glare

some vfts with gaping jaws. the terraium was mostly sealed exept for the roof, so i guess they dont get much food. the bottom right red ones look nice.

a clump of S. x wrigleyana

a large deathtrap of D. binata

some cool neps, but i frogot the species. i think it was a hybrid

more of those 'i should have remembered the species' neps. again, i think it was a hybrid.

another unknown nep.

ok, thats all i will post here, another topic will be started for the next few. Zongyi