Stan, keep your head up, it will get better. I know how miserable you are right now.

The electric companies have an agreement, that when something like this happens all the unaffected companies will send men and trucks for cost only. It's really a very good thing that they have. It helps everybody to get back to normal alot sooner. Another group of people that works hard and does an invaluable job but rarely get any thanks is the National Guard.

With all the bad stories being told I think I would like to tell some of good things I've seen during some of the hurricanes I've been in. In 1984, after hurricane Diana, Brunswick county NC had no power, water ect. Burger King gave away free hamburgers. Since they cooked with gas, they were about the only place that had any food. They cooked what meat they had since it was going to go bad anyway. They gave the food to anybody that needed it.

In 97 after hurricane Fran, my mom managed a gas station. She gave away the milk in the coolers. She gave me way more than I could drink. When I got home I saw my neighbors sitting on their porch. Wasn't much else to do anyway. As soon as they saw me they brought over some food. They were from Pakistan so I have no idea what it was. They also gave me some mangos. It was the first time I had tried mangos. I then gave them 2 gallons of milk.

Be careful, there will be alot of people offering to fix roofs, windows ect. The only thing they'll do is take your money. Be careful who you give your money to. This happens after every disaster.