Oh. And I shall tell you of my mortifying experience at the doctor's. At the end, he joked with me and said, "Do you feel it when you look at boys?" I laughed and said no. And then my mom chimed in from behind me. "Nah, she's not really interested in boys that much. When she looks at Kenny Chesney, maybe." Oh. My. God. I blushed SO bad. So doc starts asking about this Kenny Chesney my mother speaks of. I just kept going "Nevermind."

I will never go to the doctor again.. I will never go to the doctor again... *tips over*

But Mom seems to have forgotten David Duchovny, Nicolas Cage, Kyle Chandler, Orlando Bloom, and Charlie what's-his-name (Jesse on Diagnosis Murder *drool*)..

Okayyy! I am done! No lectures this time, you guys.