I am working on a site update for http://www.carnivorousplantsuk.co.uk/Homepage.html and the interaction and graphical design is ready. The only thing currently missing is the content. ^_^

Each plant will have an Overview, Cultivation, Propagation, Specie, Related and Gallery page.
Currently the Venus Flytrap pages are pretty much ready (except propagation), I'm also working on the Heliamphora ones at the moment.

The old site hasn't been replaced yet but once there is more new content ready it will be.

If you would like to help with the site (content/photo's) I would highly appreciate it. You can mail me "anything" at: Albert_looper@yahoo.com

Anyway, take a look at the pages that are currently ready:

(Browse through the 5 other information sections)

Be sure to check out the cool movie m4rk made under “Related”.

The homepage is also ready. Although the images on the right are going to change every time you visit (scripted).

If you notice any bugs, errors, missing content or just plain bad English grammar/spelling, please tell me.


- Albert Looper.