I thought some of you might like to see some microscope pics. The pics of the wild utric (there were TONS of it and I just took a little piece to see what they were eating this time of year... the strange thing is that I didn't find any U. gibba... there were tons before. Maybe it's too cold? or maybe this mystery utric crowded them out? who knows) the pics of it are all the way at the end (it was in another folder) and they're not the greatest but oh well.
If anyone can ID anything in there, that would be great. I know the single celled algae are desimids of some sort.
and I know there's an ostrocod inside one of the bladders! and it was alive! poor ostrocod....
anyway here's where you can see the pictures.
PS. the REALLY tiny bladders of the mystery utric were green. then the medium ones had a little bit of pink/purple, and the old ones were black (but if you looked through the microscope they were dark purple)... some of the stem/leaves was also pinkish. you can see it in the pics but it was even pinkier than that.
PS. since many pics are very similar, I only wrote title/description for some of them.