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Thread: Flowering now?

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    After awhile I don't go running up to the same plants and look for new growth or flowers everyday, anymore. Sometimes it's like watching paint dry.

    At my kitchen window sill I have a few different cuttings and some Byblis liniflora & Drosera paradoxa. The Byblis has been in flowering process for a few weeks no. But, today, I noticed what seems to be flower scapes emerging from a few of the D. paradoxa plants (growths getting taller than the leaves).

    At work the D. sp. Cuba 1 seeds I germinated this spring is ending up scapes. I have second generation Utric (volunteers) coming up from a Drosera pot. A pigmy dew I sprouted earlier in the year is now sending up scapes. Unfortunately, the name has faded away. My D. capensis 'Albino' is still blooming as are U. livida, sandersonii, and bisquamata. So are P. 'Sethos' and P. primuliflora.

    The days may be dreary, now, but these crazy little plants, which may be seasonally thrown off, are certainly keeping me off-balance and amused!

    Anybody else having these phenomena?

    Edit: Drosera capensis 'Albino' is a valid registered cultivar of Drosera and Pinguicula 'Sethos' is a valid registered cultivar of Pinguicula.

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    my various Drosera seem to bloom off and on as they feel they want to. capensis is off and on all year as is nidiformis. madagascariensis "botswana" that Copper just sent me is sending up flower spikes. my pings, 'Aphrodite' and another hybrid are acting like african violets and seem to be constantly sending up a new flower once the old one withers away. U. livida hasnt stoped blooming for almost a year. U sandersonii is full of blooms. it apears that my U. amethystina is sending up flower spikes. bisquamata and lateriflora send up one spike at a time here and there. calycifida "Mrs. Marsh" is sending up its second spike. Genlisea violacea x lobata is in flower. thats about all i can think of that i saw last night. oh and my N. veitchii of course.


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