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Thread: What cps does everyone have

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    Does anyone not own:
    D. spathulata
    D. spathulata 'Fraser Island'
    N. ventra

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    Actually I don't own any of the 4 you listed.

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    i dont have D. splat frasier island
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    I don't have those either. *But I did have a N. ventrata before trading it this summer. *My CPs are:
    Cephalotus follicularis
    Nepenthes fusca 'Sarawak'
    N. khasiana
    N. maxima
    N. rafflesiana
    N. sanguinea
    N. ventricosa
    Sarracenia alabamensis ICPS #3
    S. flava
    S. flava 'Coppertop'
    S. jonesii
    S. leucophylla (a few, but no special forms or location data)
    S. oreophila
    S. rubra 'Red Dip Lip'
    Bruce in CT

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    Here's my grow list:
    Nepenthes- truncata, bicalcarata, rafflesiana, ampullaria, reinwardtiana, hamata, alata, ventricosa, ventrata, macfarlanei, ephippiata, maxima, copelandii, burbidgeae, sanguinea, lowii, macrophylla.

    Sarracenia- leucophylla, rubra, purpurea.

    Drosera- regia, adelae, capensis.

    Pinguicula- moranensis.

    Darlingtonia californica.

    Dionaea muscipula.

    So i only don't have the spathulatas.
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    This leads me to wonder- would it be a good idea to have a forums section specifically for growlists, or would that be redundant as most people have theirs posted on other sites etc

    BTW I don't have N.ventrata or a regular D.spatulata....
    I have stuff like D.peltata, D.biflora and D.madagascarensis, though, plus a bunch of more common stuff like D.collinsae and D.natalensis
    Da Growlist

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    Well if any one want the D. spathulata's I will sell them, as many as you want for $.50 a piece + shipping

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    Please do not advertise sales on this site. Phil graciously gives us this forum to use. It is not polite nor is it allowed to sell plants, on this forum, that Pet flytrap sells.
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    Hi Tre

    I have too many to list but I have flytraps, neps, drosera, heliamphora, cephs, byblis, pings and utrics. I have more drosera than anything else as they are my favorites but I love all my CPs. [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/new/smile.gif[/img]
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    Here we go:

    Dionaea muscipula (venus flytrap)
    Typical, Rosetted
    Typical, Big Traps
    Red Dragon
    Green Dragon
    Clayton's Volcanic Red
    Royal Red
    Blood Red
    Australian Red Rosette
    Fine Tooth x Red
    South West Giant
    Red Rosetted Clone
    Red Stripe
    Marston Red Clone
    Pink Venus
    Red Purple
    Shark's Tooth Dentate
    Red Piranha
    Dingley Clone
    G16 Slack's Giant
    G14 Dirk Ventham's Giant
    G3 Homebase Red x G17 Megatrap
    G4 Short Petioles x G19 Vertical
    (G codes refer to Graham Sadd's collection)

    Sarracenia (North American pitcher plant)
    S. purpurea ssp. venosa
    S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii
    S. purpurea ssp. purpurea Western Ireland (PP6)
    S. purpurea ssp. purpurea Lake Huron (PP2)
    S. purpurea ssp. purpurea heterophylla
    S. leucophylla (L22)
    S. leucophylla introgressed with rubra ssp. gulfensis Avalon Beach, Florida (L5A)
    S. leucophylla red and white (L33)
    S. leucophylla (L24)
    S. leucophylla Perdido, Alabama
    S. leucophylla red tube Perdido, Alabama
    S. leucophylla Deer Park, Alabama
    S. leucophylla Hosford, Florida
    S. leucophylla, short neck
    S. minor
    S. minor var. okefenokeesis (M14)
    S. flava var. flava 'Maxima'
    S. flava var. atropurpurea Blackwater, Florida (F27C)
    S. flava var. rubricorpora 'Burgundy' (F26)
    S. flava var. rubricorpora Apalachicola, Florida (F161)
    S. flava var. rubricorpora, red throat (F118)
    S. flava var. rugelii Telogia (F140B)
    S. flava var. rugelii (F54)
    S. flava var. ornata Gulf Coast (F31)
    S. flava var. cuprea
    S. psittacina BL site (PS19)
    S. psittacina
    S. alata white flower (A9)
    S. alata heavily veined Hilltops, Texas (A16)
    S. alata wavy lid
    S. alata pubescent
    S. oreophila heavily veined DeKalb County, Alabama (O6)
    S. oreophila very heavily veined Sand Mountain, Alabama
    S. rubra ssp. alabamensis
    S. rubra ssp. wherryi yellow flower
    S.x mitchelliana x leucophylla (H1)
    S.x 'Judith Hindle' seedling batch (H58)
    S.x 'Judith Hindle'
    S.x catesbaei
    S.x areolata x purpurea ssp. venosa
    S.x courtii
    S.x areolata x moorei 'Brook's Hybrid'
    S.x flava var. cuprea x popei
    S.x catesbaei x rubra
    S.x excellens
    S.x (flava x oreophila) x purpurea
    S.x formosa (H49E)
    S.x harperi
    S.x catesbaei x oreophila
    S.x moorei (H24)
    S.x popei
    S.x readii x excellens
    S.x purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii x leucophylla Milton, Florida (H19)
    S.x mitchelliana (Dutch)
    S.x areolata x alata red throat
    S.x formosa x excellens
    S.x alata x oreophila
    S.x excellens x wriglyana
    S.x alata x flava 'Burgundy'
    S.x alata red lid x flava
    S.x rehderi
    S.x minor x oreophila
    S.x farnhamii
    S.x leucophylla x popei
    S.x areolata
    S.x willisii x alata
    S.x minor x excellens (pseudo 'Judy')
    S.x pseudo 'Daniel Rudd'
    S.x 'Juthatip Soper'
    S.x 'Ladies in Waiting'
    S.x 'Evendine'
    S.x 'Diane Whittaker'
    S.x moorei 'Brook's Hybrid'
    S.x (flava var. maxima x moorei) x popei
    S.x umlauftiana
    (Codes in brackets denote plants from Mike King's National collection)

    Sarracenia seedlings
    S.x (leucophylla x popei) x purpurea 'Red Ruffles'
    S.x mitchelliana x leucophylla
    S.x harperi x flava 'Burgundy'
    S.x moorei x leucophylla
    S.x leucophylla x purpurea heterophylla
    S.x alata red tube x melanorhoda
    S.x alava

    S.x (moorei x leucophylla) x leucophylla
    S. flava var. rugelii Apalachicola, Florida
    S.x stevensii x melanorhoda
    S.x minata x rubra
    S.x alata heavily veined x moorei 'Brook's Hybrid'
    S.x flava var. ornata x moorei 'Brook's Hybrid'
    S.x areolata x moorei 'Brook's Hybrid'
    S.x (leucophylla x popei) x moorei
    S.x (oreophila x minor) x (alata x flava 'Burgundy')
    S.x (oreophila x minor) x catesbaei
    S.x farnhamii x (oreophila x minor)
    S.x Walker's Hybrid x popei
    S.x flava var. cuprea x moorei
    S.x moorei x catesbaei
    S.x mitchelliana x (alata x flava 'Burgundy')
    S.x purpurea ssp. venosa x rehderi
    S.x (leucophylla x flava var. rubricorpora) x popei
    S.x (leucophylla x flava var. rubricorpora) x flava var. maxima
    S.x oreophila x popei
    S.x moorei x flava
    S.x purpurea ssp. purpurea x mitchelliana
    S.x mitchelliana x popei
    S.x (excellens x wriglyana) x (formosa x excellens)
    S. flava var. rugelii x var. cuprea

    S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana

    Darlingtonia (cobra lily)
    D. californica

    Drosera (sundew)
    D. capensis
    D. binata

    Nepenthes (tropical pitcher plant)
    N. mixta x maxima
    N. alata

    Cephalotus (Australian pitcher plant)
    C. follicularis
    Alexis Vallance, U.K.
    Plant gallery
    Grow list

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