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Thread: The great growlist thread

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    Well, here goes.
    dichotoma 'giant'
    leucophylla "Tarnok"
    macrophylla (dying, mom's fault)
    These are in the mail to me:
    N. bongso
    N. albomarginata
    N. stenophylla
    N. mikei
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    you can visit my webpage link below to see my growlist

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    Here is my latest list

    Mike King's Growlist 2004,last updated 28/09/2004

    Darlingtonia californica

    Lois Glas
    Large form, Alan Haines
    Extremely large form, Mark Dunsford

    Dionaea muscipula

    Red Piranha
    Fused Tooth
    Saw Tooth
    Shark’s Tooth
    Cup Trap
    Clayton’s Volcanic Red
    Ruby Red
    Akai Ryu
    Royal Red
    Southwest Giant
    Burbank’s Best
    G6 (Vertical petiole) Graham Sadd
    G7 Graham Sadd
    G10 Graham Sadd
    G12 All green form Graham Sadd
    G13 Graham Sadd
    G14 Very large traps Graham Sadd
    G16 Very Large traps Graham Sadd
    Large Trap (DM 06,RVL)
    Large green traps (DM08, RVL)
    Vertical petiole form,JA
    Giant trap (To 50mm +)
    Crested petioles Trevor Cox 2004
    Dutch Trevor Cox 2004
    Fang Trevor Cox 2004
    Long Red Fingers Trevor Cox 2004
    Low Giant Trevor Cox 2004
    Pink Venus Trevor Cox 2004
    Red Green Trevor Cox 2004
    Red Purple Trevor Cox 2004
    Red Rosetted Trevor Cox 2004
    Triffid Traps Trevor Cox 2004
    Vigorous Trevor Cox 2004
    Green Dragon


    capensis narrow leaf
    capensis `alba’
    capensis `red form’
    capensis `typical or broad leaf’
    filiformis var. filiformis
    filiformis var. tracyi
    filiformis var. filiformis red
    x `Californian Sunset’
    binata T form
    binata T form large
    binata var. dichotoma Giant type
    binata CV
    binata var. multifida
    binata var. multifida `pink flower’
    binata var. multifida `Extrema’


    vulgaris `Czech Giant’
    grandiflora subsp. rosea
    `Rio Ayu’
    moranensis `superba’
    moranensis var. alba
    moranensis var. caudata


    x ventrata
    x coccinea



    Sarracenia alata

    A1 Red lid,Dirk Ventham, Bulbous upper pitcher, strong tall pitchers
    A2 Red lid,introgressed hybrid with S. leucophylla, Yellow flowers, whitish pitcher tops.
    A3 Red lid,Desoto W
    A4 Red form,Nicholson Co. WS(PW)
    A5 All red form,Mississippi W,(PW)
    A6 Pubescent form,Deer Park,Ala. W
    A7 Pubescent form. Ex Hall Farm Nurseries
    A8 Wavy lidded form,(PM)
    A9 White flowered form,(PM)
    A10 Large form,Louisiana WS
    A11 West Louisiana form,redder pitchers with age WS
    A12 Angelina Co. Very robust,vigorous WS
    A13 Missippi form,WS
    A14 Vernon Parish,WS
    A15 Heavily veined,De Soto W (A8,JA)
    A16 Hill tops,Texas W (A4,JA)
    A17 Harrison Co,Miss.Red lip,bulbous,WS,(PW)
    A18 Citronelle Ala. Yellow flowers,W
    A19 Pale flower,W,Citronelle,Ala(A8,JA)
    A20 Stone County,W (AP) Heavily viened,Red Lid bulbous pitchers
    A21 Heavy veined, red lid and throat.Perry County,W
    A22 All red,Desoto,Large wide red lid,W(PW)
    A23 Areolate form,Texas,W (A1,JA)
    A24 Pipeline,Rayburn Co,Txs,W(A11,JA)
    A25 Bueregard,Louisiana,W (A3,JA),light veined large pitchers
    A26 Red lid,very tall strong olive green pitchers,going darker by Autumn, throat black
    A27 Black tube,De Soto,W,(A2,JA)(Adrian Fawcett)
    A28 Black tube,Pubescent,Desoto,Clone 3,W,(AH)
    A29 Merryville,Louisiana,WS
    A30 Red/black, White's Crossing, Desoto SF,WS(A20,PW)
    A31 Giant green,Stone Co,Mississippi,W (PW)
    A32 Jasper Co,TXS,WS (PW)
    A33 Jackson Co,hooded form,Ms WS(PW)
    A34 Lightly veined pubescent form,Citronelle,WS(PW)
    A36 West Louisiana,W,(MS)
    A37 Maroon throat,shows introgression with S. leucophylla,Marc Verdyck
    A38 Heavily veined, Stone Co,WS,(MS)
    A39 Purple tube, Desoto,WS,(MS)
    A40 Heavy vein/flushed red,red lid Desoto,WS,(MS)
    A41 West Louisiana,W,(MS)
    A42 Green form,no veining
    A43 Red lid,Desoto,WS,(MS)
    A44 Green,Very hooded,White's Crossing,Desoto SF,WS(PW)
    A45 Nicholson, Mississippi,W,green light veined pitchers
    A46 Tall pitchers with red lid and red upper tube , Stone Co,Ala,WS(MS)
    A47 Tall green pitchers, no veining, West Louisiana
    A48 Giant red Tube, Alastair Culham Reading University
    A49 Black tube,AM
    A50 Balck tube,AM
    A51 Angelina Co, WS,(AP)
    A52A Pubescent form,George Co. Miss. ,W
    A52B Pubescent form,George Co. Miss. ,W
    A53 White’s Crossing, State rd 26/15. Miss. ,W
    A54 Light veins,Jackson Co. Miss. ,W

    Sarracenia flava

    F1 var. maxima,Green form,North Carolina,W (F1,JA)
    F2 var. cuprea Prince George,Co.VA,WS
    F3 var. maxima Green form,Tall (3ft)
    F4 var. flava Shand`s Bog,VA,WS
    F4a var. flava Shand`s Bog,VAWA(JA)
    F4b var. flava Shand`s Bog,VA,WS(Dave Ahrens)
    F5 var. flava Dahlia Bog,VA,W(F9,JA)
    F6 var. flava Dinwiddie,VA,W,(F10,JA)
    F7 var. rugelii Benhill Co.,GA,WS
    F8 var. cuprea Copper top,Green Swamp,W,(F7,JA)
    F9 var. flava CV Marston Dwarf,John Watson
    F10 var. cuprea Copper top,NC,Dave Richardson
    F10a var. cuprea Copper top,NC,Dave Richardson
    F11 var. flava 'maxima'
    F12 var. rugelii Cut throat,Bulloch Co.GA,WS
    F13 var. rugelii Apalachicola,W
    F14A var. rugelii Giant form,Sumatra,Apalachicola,W,(AH)
    F14B var. rugelii Apalachicola Giant form,W,(F16,JA)
    F15 var. rugelii Milton,Stocky form,W (MS)
    F16 var. rugelii Milton,W,(F68,JA)
    F17 var. rugelii Milton,W;(F63,JA),copper tinged in early growth
    F18 var. rugelii Giant robust clone,(PM)
    F19 var. rubricorpora Red tube,Apalachicola,W,(AH)
    F20 var. rubricorpora Giant red tube,Apalachicola,W,(F37,JA)
    F21 var. rubricorpora Giant red tube,Apalachicola,W,(F42,JA)
    F22 var. rubricorpora Giant red tube,Apalachicola,var.rugellii style throat patch,W(Andrew Cameron)
    F23 var. rubricorpora Giant red tube,Apalachicola,W,(AH)
    F24 var. rubricorpora Giant red tube,Apalachicola,W,Ex Dave Richardson
    F25A var. rubricorpora `claret',(MS)
    F25B 'Claret'. Plant obtained directly from Marston Exotics by Ray Cole in 1987
    F26 var. rubricorpora `burgundy´,
    F27A var. atropurpurea 'All red form',Blackwater,W,(PW,F3)
    F27B var. atropurpurea 'All red form',Blackwater,W,(AP)
    F27C var. atropurpurea 'All red form',Blackwater,W,(JA)
    F27D var. atropurpurea 'All red form',Blackwater,W,(F62,PM)
    F28 var. ornata,Apalachicola,W,(AH)
    F29 var. rugelii "Peach Brandy",W,(AH)
    F30 var. rubricorpora,Liberty Co, Fla (Very Dark)
    F31 var. ornata, Very heavily veined,Gulf Coast,W,(F17,JA)
    F32 var. flava,Very large form,NC,WS(PW)
    F33 var. ornata, very fine heavy veins,Green Swamp,NC,W
    F34 var. flava, just a hint of red in the throat,Harry Co,S.Carolina,WS
    F35 var. ornata,Gulf Coast. Heavy veins,Apalachicola,W,(AH)
    F36 var. ornata,Gulf Coast. Heavy veins,Apalachicola,W;(MS)
    F37 var. ornata,Heavy veined giant,Apalachicola,WS,(PW)
    F38 var. ornata,(PM)
    F39 var. rubricorpora,Wewahitchka,W,(F99,JA),starts off like var. ornata, but reddens to red tube. Very strong throat patch
    F40 var. ornata Wewahitchka,W,(F123,JA)
    F41 var. ornata Wewahitchka,W,(F97,JA)
    F42 var. ornata Wewahitchka,W,(F87,JA)
    F43 var. rubricorpora, Purple tube,wavy lided,Milton,W,(AH)
    F44 var. rubricorpora, Purple tube,Milton,W,(PW)
    F45 var. rubricorpora, Purple tube,Milton,WS,Very dark,especially in throat
    F46 var. ornata, Stocky,large lid,medium veins,Apalachicola,W,(PW)
    F47 H.V.Red Lid,PM
    F48 var. rugelii Clone 1
    F49 var. rugelii Clone 2,sparse,but broad veins in inner lid
    F50 var. rugelii Clone 3
    F51 var. rugelii Clone 4.’Elegant’, Stan Lampard
    F52 var. rugelii Clone 5
    F53 var. rugelii Clone 6
    F54 var. rugelii Clone 7,Large flat wavy lid
    F55 var. rubricorpora,very broad venation on inside of lid,Marston Exotics
    F56 var. atropurpurea,All red,Wewahitchka,Clone 1,W,(SM)
    F57 var. rubricorpora, Purple tube,Nr Holley,N.Florida,W,(AH
    F58 var. cuprea,
    F59 var. rugelii Milton,Fla,Pat Barnes ,W,(F36,MS)
    F60 var. cuprea
    F61 var. rugelii,WS,(AH) 1993
    F62 var. cuprea Red lidded, (PM)
    F63 var. ornata/rubricorpora integrade, very elegant tall pitchers,Marston Exotics,1992
    F64 var. rugelii,North Florida,W,(MS)
    F65 var. rubricorpora,Giant red tube,W,Ian Langford
    F66 var. rubricorpora,Giant red tube,W,(MS)
    F67 var. ornata Red form,Holley Fla.,W,(F25,JA)
    F68 var. ornata,Bay Co,Fla.,WS,(AF,(Marston Exotics))
    F69 var. cuprea,Veined throat patch
    F70 Red tube,pure green lid,Seedling from Marston Exotics,1996
    F71 var. rubricorpora,Giant Red Tube,W,(F41,JA)
    F72 var. rugelii,Giant form,large lid(F38,JA),has red edge to lid
    F73 var. ornata,W,(F48,JA)
    F74 var. rugelii,Sumatra,Fla,W,(F34,JA)
    F75 var. rubricorpora,Apalachicola,W,(F56,JA)
    F76 var. rubricorpora,Apalachicola,W,(F36,JA)
    F77 var. rubricorpora,Apalachicola,W,(F60,JA)
    F78 var. ornata,Pender Co,North Carolina,W
    F79 var. flava Harry Co,South Carolina,WS,(PW)
    F80 var. flava,“Chris Walker”,1986
    F81 var. maxima,North Carolina,W,(AH)
    F82 var. rubricorpora,Holley,Fla,W,(F36A,PM)
    F83 var. rubricorpora,Holley,Fla,W(F36B,PM)
    F84 var. rubricorpora,Holley,Fla,W,(PW)
    F85 var. ornata,Cooks Bayou,Bay Co,Fla,WS(PW)
    F86 var. ornata,Cooks Carnivorous Plants
    F87 var. ornata with dipping lid,Cooks Carnivorous Plants
    F88 var. ornata,Solid red throat with diffused veins around neck,Apalachicola,W,(PW)
    F89 var. rubricorpora, Red form,N.Carolina,W,(AF)
    F90 var. cuprea,N.Carolina,W,A Fawcett,(F6,JA)
    F91 var. maxima,Large green form,light vein,N.Carolina,W,(F12,JA)
    F92 var. rugelii,Marston Exotics
    F93 var. cuprea copper brown lid,red throat,W,(F5,JA)
    F94 var. rubricorpora,Red tube,Dave Taylor clone,(PM)
    F95 var. ornata,Heavy vein ,large lid,Wewahitchka,Fla,W,(F82,JA)
    F96 var. rubricorpora,Purple tube,heavily Veined lid,Wewahitchka,Fla,W,(F120,JA)
    F97 var. rubricorpora,Giant red tube,Apalachicola,W,(F14,JA)
    F98 var. rubricorpora,Wewahitchka,W,(F124,JA)
    F99 var. ornata,Medium vein,red throat,Apalachicola,W,(F21,JA)
    F100 var. rugelii,Apalachicola,WS,(AH)
    F101 var. ornata,Sandy creek rd,WS,(MS)
    F102 var. rubricorpora,Apalachicola,WS,(MS)
    F103 var. rugelii, "Gulf Coast",Potterton & Martin
    F104 var. ornata,Apalachicola,(Clone 7,SM),W
    F105 var. rubricorpora,Apalachicola,WS,(AH)
    F106 var. rubricorpora,Apalachicola,WS,(AH)
    F107 var. rubricorpora,Apalachicola,WS,(AH)
    F108 var. rubricorpora,Apalachicola, Giant red,W,(AH CL1)
    F109 var. cuprea, Selfed CV Maxima, same pitcher shape and veining as CV Maxima,but copper topped as well
    F110 var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, Giant red tube,W(PM,F39A)
    F111 var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, Giant red tube,W(PM,F39B)
    F112 var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, Giant red tube,W(PM,F39C)
    F113 var. rubricorpora,Bay County,W,(PM,F33)
    F114 var. rugelii,Avalon Shores, Fla,(PM,F40)
    F115 var. cuprea,olive/Copper top,NC,WS(PW,F09)
    F116 var. ornata,Mirimar Beach,WS(PW,F54)
    F117 var. rugelii,Milton, Fla,W,(F69,JA)
    F118 var. rubricorpora,WS,(Mark Dunsford) Seedling from ICPS seed bank
    F119 var. cuprea
    F120 var. atropurpurea, All red JB,(SM)
    F121 var. ornata,Norh Carolina,WS,(F37/1,PW)
    F122 var. ornata, Selfed seedling,(F53/5,PW)
    F123 var. ornata,WS,(F57/1,PW)
    F124 var. rubricorpora, Don Schnell, (JA)
    F125 var. cuprea, Potterton & Martin clone,(Steve Morley)
    F126 var. rubricorpora, Dave Richardson, purple/maroon tube (maybe same clone as F108)
    F127 var. ornata, elegant pitchers penciled in red, Marston Exotics 1992
    F128 var. rugelii, Marston Exotics 1992
    F129 var. rugelii, Marston Exotics 1993
    F130 var. cuprea, Old Dock, North Carolina,W
    F131A var. cuprea, Exum,North Carolina,W, (cl1,SM)
    F131B var. cuprea, Exum,North Carolina,W, (cl2,SM)
    F132 var. rubricorpora, Giant red Tube, Apalachicola (SM Cardinal red)
    F133 var. rubricorpora, Wewahitchka,W, (cl2,SM)
    F134 var. atropurpurea,Cooks Bayou,W, (cl1,SM)
    F135 var. atropurpurea,Cooks Bayou,W, (cl2,SM)
    F136 var. atropurpurea, Apalachicola, W, (cl1,SM)
    F137 var. atropurpurea, Apalachicola, W, (cl2,SM)
    F138 var. rugelii, Giant, Sumatra, Apalachicola, WS, (F61,PW)
    F139 var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, W, (cl13,SM)
    F140A var. rugelii, Telogia, Fla. ,W
    F140B var. rugelii, Telogia, Fla. ,W
    F140C var. rugelii, Telogia, Fla. ,W
    F141 var. atropurpurea, Potterton & Martin clone sold as red tube green lid, Steve Morley
    F142 var. ornata CV 'maxima' x Vigorous Clone 1, Steve Morley
    F143 var. rugelii, Giant pitcher opening and lid, Reading University, Alastair Culham
    F144 var. atropurpurea, Andrew Marshall
    F145 var. atropurpurea . All red, dark lid,Apalachicola National Forest Park,,W,(F04,PW)
    F146 var. rugelii Large Pitcher,AP
    F147 var. rugelii Sold as maxima in the USA, Bruce Bednar. (F48,PW)
    F148 var. ornata Bay County Very heavily veined,WS,(F043,PW)
    F149 var. rubricorpora Very dark maroon tube,Wewahitchka,W,(SM,VNT1)
    F150 var. flava „ Lightly veined giant“,(F29,PM)
    F151 var. rubricorpora.Red dragon (SM) Note not a cultivar
    F152 var. atropurpurea Introgression evident in flower with blush orange petals, Phil Sheridan
    F153 var. cuprea Phil Sheridan
    F154 var. cuprea Andrew Marshall
    F155 var. flava (SM clone 1, large lemon green pitcher)
    F156 var. flava. Prince George Co. VA ,W Phil Sheridan
    F157 var. rugelii Big lip giant ,W, AM
    F158 var. rugelii Giant form, Apalachocola National Forest,W,(AM)
    F159 var. rugelii, Large, Marston Exotics
    F160 var. rubricorpora Giant form, W, (F4,MS)
    F161 var. rubricorpora Apalachicola National Forest Park,W, (F58,JA)
    F162 var. rubricorpora Wewahitchka,W,(F78,JA)
    F163A var. rugelii , Allenton Fla.,W
    F163B var. rugelii , Allenton Fla.,W
    F163C var. rugelii , Allenton Fla.,W Integrade with rubricorpora
    F163D var. rugelii , Allenton Fla.,W
    F164A var. ornata Allenton, Fla. ,W
    F164B var. ornata Allenton, Fla. ,W
    F164C var. ornata Allenton, Fla. ,W
    F164D var. ornata Allenton, Fla. ,W
    F164E var. ornata Allenton, Fla. ,W
    F164F var. ornata Allenton, Fla. ,W
    F164G var. ornata Allenton, Fla. ,W
    F165A var. rugelii Cooks Bayou, Fla ,W
    F165B var. rugelii Cooks Bayou, Fla ,W
    F165C var. rugelii Cooks Bayou, Fla ,W
    F165D var. rugelii Cooks Bayou, Fla ,W
    F166A var. ornata Cooks Bayou, Fla ,W
    F166B var. ornata Cooks Bayou, Fla ,W
    F166C var. ornata Cooks Bayou, Fla ,W
    F167A var. rubricorpora Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F167B var. rubricorpora Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F167C var. rubricorpora Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F167D var. rubricorpora Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F168A var. ornata Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F168B var. ornata Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F168C var. ornata Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F168D var. ornata Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F168E var. ornata Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F169A var. rugelii Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F169B var. rugelii Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F169C var. rugelii Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F169D var. rugelii Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F169E var. rugelii Sumatra, Apalachicola National Forest Fla. ,W
    F170A var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170B var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170C var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170D var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170E var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170F var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170G var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170H var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170I var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170J var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170K var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170L var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170M var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170N var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170O var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F170P var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla.,W(integrade with S.flava var. rugelii)
    F171A var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,1st site,Fla.,W
    F171B var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,1st site,Fla.,W
    F171C var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,1st site,Fla.,W
    F171D var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,1st site,Fla.,W
    F171E var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,1st site,Fla.,W
    F171F var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,1st site,Fla.,W
    F172A var. ornata Telogia, Fla. ,W
    F173 var. cuprea Pender Co. NC ,W (F45,JA)
    F174 var. atropurpurea Marston Exotics, 1999
    F175A var. rugelii Crestview,Fla,W
    F175B var. rugelii Crestview,Fla,W
    F175C var. rugelii Crestview,Fla,W
    F175D var. rugelii Crestview,Fla,W
    F175E var. rugelii Crestview,Fla,W
    F176A var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla ,W*F176 Plants of deeper venation*
    F176B var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176C var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176D var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176E var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176F var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176G var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176H var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176I var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176J var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176K var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176L var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176M var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176N var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176O var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176P var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F176Q var. ornata Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F177A var. rubricorpora Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F177B var. rubricorpora Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F177C var. rubricorpora Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F178A var. rugelii Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F178B var. rugelii Sandy Creek Rd,2nd site,Fla,W
    F179A var. rubricorpora Sandy Creek,Fla,W
    F179B var. rubricorpora Sandy Creek,Fla,W
    F180 var. ornata Sandy Creek,Fla,W
    F181 var. rugelii Santa Rosa Co.Fla(WS
    F182A Fall line, Edmund SC,W
    F182B Fall line, Edmund SC,W
    F182C Fall line, Edmund SC,W
    F182D Fall line, Edmund SC,W*possibly all red*
    F182E Fall line, Edmund SC,W*possibly all red*
    F182F Fall line, Edmund SC,W
    F182G Fall line, Edmund SC,W
    F182H Fall line, Edmund SC,W
    F183A Honeysuckle Road, Hurleyville SC,W
    F183B Honeysuckle Road, Hurleyville SC,W
    F184 var. atropurpurea Allenton, Fla. W,(PW)
    F185 var. ornata Prince George,Co.VA,WS,(PW)
    F186 var. atropurpurea Wewahitchka,W,(AH)
    F187 var. rubricorpora Milton, Fla. W,(AH)
    F188 var. flava Giant. Alastair Culham,Reading University
    F189 var. rubricorpora Apalachicola,W
    F190 var. rubricorpora Dave Richardson
    F191 var. rugelii Apalachicola National Forest ,W AH
    F192 var. rugelii Apalachicola National Forest ,W AH
    F193 var. maxima Sussex Co. VA,W
    F194 var. maxima Green Swamp,NC,,W AF
    F195 var. atropurpurea `Kimber Red Ruffles’ (DC)
    F196 var. cuprea `Bronze’ (DC)
    F197 var. ornata Blackwater State Forest ,W PW 2004
    F198 var. ornata Heavily veined inner lid and deep coloured throat markings, Mike Brooks 2004
    F199 var. ornata/var. rugelii intergrade, Geneva Botanical Gardens, Andrea Amivi, 2004. Pitchers can be 12cm wide
    F200 var. rubricorpora ,W (F39, PW)

    Sarracenia leucophylla

    L1 Green&white,Citronelle,Alab,W,(AH)
    L2 Stocky white top,Citronelle,Alab,(PW)
    L3 Yellow flowered form,Perdido,Alab,W,(AH),Bednar, Is same clone as `Schnell's ghost’, L4
    L4 `Schnells Ghost’,Yellow flowered form,W,(AP)
    L5A Avalon Beaches,WS,(PW)
    L5B Avalon Beaches,WS,(PW)
    L5C Avalon Beaches,WS,(PW)
    L6 Perdido,W,(PW)
    L7 Pubescent form,Perdido,Alab.,W;(AH)
    L8 "South Alabama"
    L9 "Var. Alba"
    L10 Milton,Fla,W
    L11 New Seminole,Red and white,W,(PM)
    L12A Purple & white, giant Autumn pitcher
    L12B Red form,Deer Park,Alab,W
    L13 White top,green veins,Perdido,W
    L14 Red/white,Russell Rd,Alabama,WS
    L15 Red/white,Citronelle,Alabama,WS
    L16 Paradise Bay,Fla,WS(PW)
    L17 Gulf Breeze,Fla,WS(PM)
    L18 Large pink lipped,Apalachicola,W,(PW)
    L19 Purple and white giant form,Route 71,Nr Altha, N.Florida,W,(AH)
    L20A Baldwin Co,W,(MS)
    L20B Baldwin Co,W,(MS)
    L20C Baldwin Co,W,(MS)
    L21 Green&White,Pedido
    L22 Red & white
    L25 Red & white
    L26 Green&white Pubescent,Pat Barnes
    L28 Red & white
    L30 Viv Topham
    L31 Red & white, large stocky pitcher, red lip(AP)
    L33 Long rather veined lids
    L34 White top with fine red veins
    L36 Ben’s Bog,WS,(AP)
    L36A Ben's Bog,WS,(MS)
    L37 Very red,flushed pink lid
    L38 Pubescent form,Citronelle,Ala,W,(PW)
    L39 Red & white, Citronelle W(SM)
    L40 Pubescent form,Deer Park,Ala,W,(SM)
    L41 Very white top, Citronelle,W(PW)
    L42 Yellow flower,Citronelle,W(PM,L10)
    L43 Pink upper tube, Martin Cheek(Steve Morley)
    L45 Perdido, Green & white top, W, (SM)
    L46 Green,anthocyanin free Bill Scholl
    L47 'Cronus' (Titan tm), Botanique
    L48A Hot pink Selections 1, Botanique
    L48B Hot pink selections 2 Botanique
    L49 Red/pink tube,Perdido(L07,PW)
    L50 White top, Baldwin co, Ala WS(MS)
    L51A Hosford,Fla. Eastern limit of range,W
    L51B Hosford,Fla. Eastern limit of range,W
    L51C Hosford,Fla. Eastern limit of range,W
    L52 Red white, Dutch clone, Carniflora
    L53 Plant with possible introgression with alata
    L54 Large form (LE11, Rogier van Loenen)
    L55 `Tarnok’ ,W. Mutant flower form
    L56 “BL“ site, W(AM)
    L57 `Burgundy’Red & White, Phil Sheridan
    L58 Baker Bog,Fla ,W
    L59A Milton, Fla ,W
    L59B Milton, Fla.Red & White ,W Very stocky Autumn pitcher
    L60A Green & White,Gas Station site,South West of Perdido ,W
    L60B Gas Station site,South West of Perdido ,W
    L61 Red & White Crestview,Fla (WS
    L63 Green & White,Perdido
    L64 Red & White, very stocky Autumn Pitcher. Plant originally brough in by Dave Taylor, late 70s
    L65 Red & white, Marston Exotics. Large pitchers
    L66 Red & White, Bert Blezer. (RGV Le02)
    L67 Red & White, Bert Blezer. (RGV Le01
    L68 Purple & White, Sarracenia Nurseries No. 2321
    L69 Yellow flowered form, Citronelle,Al.,W (L14,PW)
    L70 Red & white, Stocky form (SM)
    L71 Pubescent form
    L72 Green & white, beinless throat,(ME,1995)
    L73 Red & white, pronounced lip,PJ plants 2003
    L74 Cook Giant (DC)
    L75 Chipola River, Fl. ,W,(DC)
    L76 Foley Co. ,W (DC)
    L77A Giant,(DC)
    L77B Giant, (DC)
    L77C Giant (DC)
    L78 Santa Rosa Co. Fla. WS,Steve Taverner 2004
    L79 Tibbe, Ala WS, Steve Taverner 2004-
    L80Green & white, Furio Ersetti, 2004

    Sarracenia minor

    M1 Small form,Fargo,WS(PW)
    M2 Large form,North Florida,WS,(PW)
    M3 Waycross,GA,W,(M14,JA)
    M4 Large stocky form(Not giant),Okefenokee,W,(PW)
    M5 var. okefenokeensis F1(AH)
    M6 var. okefenokeensis F2(AH)
    M7 var. okefenokeensis F3(AH)
    M8 var. okefenokeensis Lois Glass
    M9 var. okefenokeensis Clone 1,WS,(PW)
    M10 var. okefenokeensis Clone 2,WS,(PW)
    M11 Ocilla,GA,WS,(AP)
    M12 Nr Wacamaw River,Brunswick Co,NC,WS(PW)
    M13 var. okefenokeensis Okefenokee Giant,W,(M6,PM)
    M14 Typical form,max 20cm tall
    M15 var. okefenokeensis Okefenokee Giant South
    M16 var. okefenokeensis Okefenokee Giant,North East
    M17 Deland, Fla. W
    M18 var. okefenokeensis. Okefenokee Giant, Clone reputed to reach 4ft, Alatair Culham, Reading University
    M19 var. okefenokeensis. Okefenokee Giant
    M20 Typical form
    M21 Typical, Waycross, GA WS (PM)
    M22 Green, anthocyanin free. Original.
    M23 Giant, Lake Okeechobee, Florida (AM)

    Sarracenia oreophila

    O1 Boaz,W,(O6,JA)
    O2 Boaz,WS(MS)
    O3 Boaz,W,(Clone 1,PM)
    O4 Dave Taylor Clone
    O5 De Kalb Co,Alab,W,(O10,JA)
    O6 De Kalb Co.Alab,WS,(AP)
    O7 Sand Mountain,W,(O13,JA)
    O8 Centre,Alabama,W,(O8,JA)
    O9 Giant,NE Georgia,W,(PM)
    O10 Vigorous Clone,(PM)
    O11 Pietro Paulo Clone,(O202,JA)
    O12 (OR01, Rogier van Loenen)
    O13 Georgia, (AF)
    O14 Walker clone
    O15 Clay Co.,North Carolina. W,(PW)
    O16 Heavily veined,GA ,W
    017 Purple throat (OR12 PW)

    Sarracenia psittacina

    PS1 Gulf Coast Giant,Apalachicola,W
    PS2 Milton,Fla.,WS(PW)
    PS3 Orange flower,Wewahitchka,W(PW)
    PS4 Pale red vein,Apalachicola,WS(PW)
    PS5 Green form(Anthocyanin free),Gulf Coast,W,(S12,JA)
    PS6 Green form(Anthocyanin free),Wewahitchka,W,(S13,JA)
    PS7 Pale form,East of Oke. Swamp,W
    PS8 "Black flower",Yellow River,Fla,W,(S22,JA)
    PS9 Oke. Swamp Giant,GA,W,(S22,JA)
    PS10 Orange flower,turning yellow,Crestview,N.Fla,W,(PW)
    PS11A Yellow Flower,W(AM)
    PS11B Yellow Flower,W(AM)
    PS11C Yellow Flower,W(AM)
    PS11D Yellow Flower,W(AM)
    PS12 Ocilla,GA,WS,(AP)
    PS13 Green form (Anthocyanin free),Alabama,W(PW)
    PS14 Yellowish pitchers,Baldwin Co,W(PW)
    PS15 Apalachicola Giant,W,(AP)
    PS16 Giant form,W,(PW)
    PS17A Bay Co. WS (PW)
    PS18 Green, Anthocyanin free,W,(AM)
    PS19 `BL site’,W,(AM)
    PS20 Deer Park,Al.,W
    PS21 Bay Co. Fl.,W
    PS22 Bulbous, Harrison Co. WS (AP)

    Sarracenia purpurea

    subsp purpurea;

    PP1 f. heterophylla
    PP2 Lake Huron,WS(PW)
    PP3 Pakim Pond,NJ,WS
    PP4 Ocean Co,NJ,Intergrade form,W,PW
    PP5 Prosque Island,Canada,WS(AP)
    PP6 Vigorous form,W,Ireland(Eric Binstead)
    PP7 Peggy`s Cove,Nova Scotia,WS,(PW)
    PP8 Newfoundland Form,W,(P205,JA)
    PP9 Canada,W,(F6,JA)
    PP10 Marl Bog,Dorcas Bay,Ontario,WS
    PP11 Michigan,WS,(MS)
    PP12 Southern Most form,NJ,W
    PP13 Veinless form,Grey Co,Ontario,W,(PW)
    PP14 var. riplicola
    PP15 Lake Huron,Michigan,W,A.Fawcett
    PP16 Greem pitchers,red flowers,Roscommon,Eire,W,(S.Morley)
    PP17 Deep red/Purple pitchers,Roscommon,Eire,W,(S.Morley)
    PP18 Gander River,Newfoundland,W,(MS)
    PP19 Roscommon Co. Eire,W, Vic Brown
    PP20 f. Heterophylla, (JA)
    PP21 Bangor, Maine
    PP22 f. Heterophylla Young’s Lake,Ontario W (PP03,PW) 2004
    PP23 Carniflora Holland 2003
    PP24 Pakim Pond,NJ,WS Steve Morley 2004

    subsp venosa

    PV1 Mississippi,W,(Hall farm Nurseries)
    PV2 var. burkii,Bay Co,WS,(PW)
    PV3 var. burkii,Sumatra,W,(P21,JA)
    PV4 var. burkii,Chipola River,W,Clone 1
    PV5 var. burkii,Chipola River,W,Clone 2
    PV6 Skippers Bog,NC,WS
    PV7 var. burkii,Red Lip,Citronelle,Alab.W,(P4,JA)
    PV8A var. burkii,Veinless form,Walton Co,Fla,WS(,PW)
    PV8B var. burkei,veinless form,Walton Co,Fla,WS(PW)
    PV8C var. burkei,veinless form,Walton Co,Fla,WS(PW#2)
    PV9 var. burkei, Pat Barnes
    PV10 Vigorous Form,(Bank Farm Seedling,P208,JA)
    PV11 var. luteola,Green anthocyanin free form,Bob Hanrahan,W(PW)
    PV12 Sussex Co,VA,WS(PW)
    PV13 var. burkei,Mark Verdyck
    PV15, large bulbose pitchers, large lids
    PV16 var. burkei
    PV17 var. burkei Large WS(MS)
    PV18 var. burkei Large (Rogier van Loenen)
    PV19A var. montana , North Carolina,W, (AM) 2003
    PV19B var. montana , North Carolina,W, (AM) 2003
    PV19C var. montana , North Carolina,W, (AM) 2003
    PV20 var. burkei Dutch imported plant, P&J Plants 2003
    PV21 `Ruffles’ (DC) 2004
    PV22 var. burkei Chipola River Fla. W (Steve Morley) 2004

    Sarracenia rubra

    subsp rubra

    RR1 Dark flower,WS
    RR2 Tall form,NC,WS(PW)
    RR3 gulfensis Type,Crawford Co,Georgia (Ancestral form),W,(PW)
    RR4 Long lidded form,NC,WS(PW)
    RR5 Taylor Co,W,(R30,JA)
    RR6 Willmington Co,WS(AP)
    RR8 Ancestral form Sheeley Pond, Edmund, SC WS (PW) 2004

    subsp jonesii

    RJ1 Etowa Co,NC,WS,(PW)
    RJ2 Green, anthcyanin free form
    RJ3Green, anthocyanin free form, Oxford,,Etowah,W,(JA)
    RJ4 North Carolina,WS,(PW)
    RJ5 Pickens,South Carolina,W(PW)

    subsp. alabamensis

    RA1 Stocky light veined Autumn pitcher
    RA2 Red hued Autumn pitchers
    RA3 Thorsby,Alab,W(PW)
    RA4 Red pitcher, Bert Blezer (RVL)

    subsp gulfensis

    RG1 Green, anthocyanin free form,Yellow River,Fla,W,(AH)
    RG2 Stocky form,Yellow River,W,(PW)
    RG3 Vigorous robust clone,Hall Farm Nurseries
    RG4 (PM)
    RG5 Large form,Yellow River,Fla.,W,Mark Wilkinson
    RG6 Crestview, Fla ,W
    RG7 Turkey Hen Creek,Fla ,W
    RG8 „BL“ site,deep red Autumn pitchers,W,(AM)
    RG9 Green,anthocyanin free form, Yellow River,Fl,W (PW #3)

    subsp wherryi

    RW1 Deer Park,Alab.WS(PW)
    RW2 Yellow flower,Deer Park,Alabama,W,(AH). Exact size as Wherryi typical
    RW3 Yellow flower,Deer Park,Alab.W,(AP).Large stocky
    RW4 Chatom giant, smaller form,WS,(PW)
    RW5 Chatom giant,W
    RW6 Chatom giant,very large,W;(PW)
    RW7 Escambia Co,large,wavy lidded,W,(PW)
    RW8 Perdido,W,(JW)
    RW9 “Typical”,Hall Farm Nurseries
    RW11 Pink/yellow flower,W,(AM)
    RW12 Pink/yellow flower,W,(AM)
    RW13A Pink/yellow flower,W,(AM)
    RW13B Pink/yellow flower,W,(AM)
    RW13C Pink/yellow flower,W,(AM)
    RW13D Pink/yellow flower,W,(AM)
    RW13E Pink/yellow flower,W,(AM)
    RW13F Pink/yellow flower,W,(AM)
    RW14 Orange flower, Deer Park, Ala W,(Phil Adedeji)

    H1 S.(leucophylla x purpurea subsp. venosa)xleucophylla
    H2 S x `Diane Whittaker’.(leucophylla x minor) x leucophylla) My own naming, awaiting registration as cultivar)
    H3 S.x excellens (leucophylla x minor )
    H4 S x mitchelliana
    H5 AlxPVB
    H6 S x catesbaei
    H7 S x moorei `Brooks Hybrid`
    H8 S x moorei `Marston Select`
    H9 S x moorei Sarracenia Nurseries large moorei
    H10 S x`Lynda Butt`
    H11A S x `Uncle Jim`s Rd 1’ alata Red lidx leucophylla
    H11B S x `Uncle Jim`s Rd 2’ alata Red lidx leucophylla
    H12 rubra ssp. jonesii Green x S. purpurea ssp. purpurea f. heterophylla
    H13 S x gilpini Green (anthocyanin free)
    H14 umlauftiana x leucophylla
    H15 rubra Gulf. giant x leuco,Yellow River,Fla,W,(PW)
    H16 Orange flowered hybrid, parentage unknown
    H17 alata Red Lidx flava
    H18 rubra (Sub-species unknown)x purp venosa
    H19 S x mitcheliana (purp ven burkei x leuco) ,Milton,(PM)
    H20 leuco/flava hybrid with yellow flowers
    H21A S x courtii Green ,(JA) (Anthoccyanin free)
    H21B S x courtii, Green (AM) (Anthoccyanin free)
    H22 S.x courtii
    H23 S x `Dixie Lace’
    H24 S x moorei ,Marston Exotics 1987 clone
    H25 willisii x minor Giant,(x223,JA)
    H26 flava Red tube x alata Red (All red),(SM)
    H27 S x moorei ,Milton,Fla,W,(SM). rug
    H28 rubra ssp ? x leuco. Hevily veined with red inner lid
    H29 Dutch hybrid labelled "stevensii"
    H31 S x moorei , ,W Fla, S. flava var. rugelii x leucophylla
    H32 Hybrid, possibly ‘Daniel Rudd’, awaiting verification
    H33 alata x leucophylla, yellow flowers, white topped pitchers with alata shape
    H34 S x moorei,Fla, W,S. flava var. rugelii x leucophylla
    H35 S. x harperi,
    H36 S. alata x leucophylla
    H37 S. x ‘Judith Hindle’
    H38 S x moorei (flava var. rugelii x leucophylla) wide pitcher opening, MS
    H39 S (rubra ssp. gulfensis x leucophylla) very tall pitchers, PM
    H40 S x 'Victoria'
    H41 S x moorei x purpurea ssp. venosa
    H42 S x moorei (flava var. rugelii x leucophylla) Orange flower, red pitcher. From same batch of seedlings from S x Brook’s Hybrid H7, Michael Brooks
    H43 alata x leucophylla, W, very pale low pigment,W,(AM)
    H44 S x moorei,( leucophylla redXflava var. rubricorpora) W,(AM)
    H45 S x`Red Sumatra’, Botanique Nurseries, USA
    H46 S x White Sparkler’ Botanique Nurseries, USA
    H47 S S.x excellens green, anthocyanin free (leucophylla green x minor green ) (AM)
    H48 psittacina green x rubra subsp. gulfensis green (AM)
    H49A minor x psittacina
    H49B minor x psittacina
    H49C minor x psittacina
    H49D minor x psittacina
    H49E minor x psittacina
    H49F minor x psittacina
    H50 leucophylla green x rubra subsp. gulfensis green
    H51 S x excellens ,W, (AM)
    H52 rubra subsp. jonesii green x leucophylla green
    H53 S x `Ladies in waiting’
    H54 S x `Evendine’
    H55 S x `Juthatip Soper’MS
    H56 S minor x catesbaei Very large domed pitchers (Derek?)
    H57 S x excellens yellow flower. (plant errroneously called `Loch Ness’)
    H58 Hybrid from same batch of seedlings that raised S x `Judith Hindle’
    H59 S x mitcheliana Dutch clone
    H60 S x `Mercury’ Sarracenia Nurseries, Chris Crowe
    H61 S x moorei All red, (SM)
    H62 S x moorei Mark Wesson
    H63 S x moorei Green, Marston Exotics
    H64 S alata x S. Flava Marston Exotics
    H65 S x `Judy’ Michael Brooks
    H65A S x `Judy’, P&J Plants
    H66 S x excellens Slack
    H67 S x popei Slack (rubra subsp. rubra X S flava)
    H68 S x catesbaei Veined(SM)
    H69A S x catesbaei Sumatra ,W
    H69A S x catesbaei Sumatra ,W
    H70 S. flava x S x catesbaei Marston Exotics 1999
    H71A S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W Green & white, plant close to leucophylla in appearance
    H71B S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W
    H71C S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W
    H71D S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W
    H71E S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W
    H71F S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W
    H71G S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W
    H71H S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W
    H71I S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W
    H71J S x moorei F2 Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W
    H72 S x aereolata (S alata x leucophylla) pubescent, Andy Collins
    H73 S x `Scarlet Belle’ Phil Adedeji
    H74 S x minata (minor x alata) Paul Gardner
    H75 S x excellens ( S minor var. okefenokeensis x leucophylla) Paul Gardner
    H76 S leucophylla x catesbaei Paul Gardner
    H77 S x excellens x leucophylla (Andrew Wilkinson,collected from Marston Exotics mid 1980s)
    H78 S x mitcheliana x minor Huge red pitchers
    H79 S x exornata (alata x purpurea) (Phil Adedeji)
    H80 S x rehderi (rubra x minor) (Phil Adedeji)
    H81 S x minor x psittacina Red plant (Andrew Wilkinson)
    H82 S x psittiata (psittacina x alata), Alastair Culham, Reading University, plant awaiting cultivar naming)
    H84 S x (flava var. flava 'Maxima'x moorei)x popei. Paul Murphy
    H85A S x willisii x minor var. okefenokeensis Andy Collins
    H85B S x willisii x minor var. okefenokeensis (MS)
    H86 S.flava var. flava `Maxima’ x S. purpurea subsp. purpurea Irish green. Roy Cheek
    H87 S x moorei Pinkish top, Derek Clavell-Bate/Norman Parker
    H88 S x moorei Red lip, Baker, Fl.,W,(PW,H05)
    H89 S x moorei `Elizabeth’,Norman Parker
    H90 Tall leucophylla hybrid , multiple cross
    H91 S x readii ( rubra subsp. gulfensis x leucophylla)
    H92 S x moorei Very large, Norman Parker
    H93 S x mitcheliana Michael Brooks
    H94 S excellens x leucophylla (RVL SH01)
    H95 S x `Love Bug’ (DC)
    H96 S x `Night Sky’ (DC)
    H97 S x `Bug Scoop’ (DC)
    H98 S leucophylla green x psiitacina green, Phil Sheridan,(DC)
    H99 S x `Red Blush’ (DC)
    H100 S x `Flash’ (DC)
    H101 S x `Hummer Hammerhead’ (DC)
    H102 S x `Sky Watcher’
    H103 S x `Blackberry Sundae’ (DC)
    H104 S x `Up Periscope’ (DC)
    H105 S x willisii Broad lid (DC)
    H106 S x `Doodle Bug’ (DC)
    H107 S x `Mushroom Periscope’(DC)
    H108 S x `Llama’(DC)
    H109 S x `Dana’s Delight’ (DC)
    H110 S leucophylla green x S.purpurea subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla, Phil Sheridan, (DC)
    H111 S x `Sultry Maid’ (DC)
    H112 S x `Leah Wilkerson’ (S x moorei), Walton Co, Fla (Brooks Garcia)
    H113 S x `Adrian Slack’ (S x moorei), Barry Meyers-Rice
    H114 S x `Pretty `n’ Pink’ (DC)
    H115 S x `Grape Mystique’ (DC)
    H116 S x `Copper Vase’ (DC)
    H117 S x `Extreme Unction’
    H118 S x excellens x rubra James Welham 2004
    H119 S (oreophila x minor) x moorei James Welham,2004
    H120 S x swaniana James Welham, 2004
    H121 S x areolata x leucophylla James Welham 2004
    H122 S x readii, Ctenium Fields, Perdido Ala ,W PW 2004
    H123 S x moorei, Pensacola Fields, Fla. ,W PW 2004
    H124 Sx wrigleyana Giant, Chris Crowe 2004
    H125 S x readii, Carniflora 2004
    H126 S x `Dino Almacolle` (rubra subsp. jonesii x minor var. okefenokeensis) Furio Ersetti, 2004
    H127 S x `Jenny Helen`, Alistair Pearce 2004
    H128 S x moorei x `Lynda Butt` 2004
    H129 S x courtii x `Judith Hindle` Stewart McPherson 2004
    H130 S x wrigleyana x excellens Ian Salter 2004
    H131 S x moorei Steve Taverner 2004
    H132 S x (flava x purpurea subsp. venosa ) x leucophylla 2004
    H133 S x BLM Norman Parker 2004
    H134 S x melanorhoda Norman Parker 2004
    H135 S x moorei Ian Salter 2004
    H136 S alata x flava var. flava `Maxima` Plant grows to 4 feet tall, Steve Morley 2004
    H137 S x mitcheliana, bright pink pitchers, Ian Salter 2004
    H138 S leucophylla x oreophila Norman Parker 2004
    H139 S leucophylla x rubra subsp. alabamensis 2004
    H140 Hybrid of oreophila, purpurea origin.PW 2004
    H141 S x areolata, Langford Williams 2004

    Best Regards

    Mike King

    NCCPG National collection holder of Sarracenia

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    WoW!!! I have to post after that??Thats alot of sarrs! Here is my little list, but it has variety!

    ALEX’S GROWLIST-1/2/05

    A. vesiculosa

    B. reducta

    B. liniflora

    C. follicularis

    D. californica
    D. californica (Florence, OR)

    D. muscipula
    D. muscipula ‘Big Mouth’
    D. muscipula ‘Big Vigorous’
    D. muscipula ‘Fang’
    D. muscipula ‘Giant’
    D. muscipula ‘Green Dragon’
    D. muscipula ‘Long Red Fingers’
    D. muscipula ‘Low Giant’
    D. muscipula ‘Pink Venus’
    D. muscipula ‘Red Dragon’
    D. muscipula ‘Red-Green’
    D. muscipula ‘Vigorous’
    D. muscipula ‘Yellow’

    D. adelae
    D. alicea
    D .anglica (HI x CA)
    D. auriculata
    D. binata
    D. binata ‘Extrema’
    D. binata ‘Small Red’
    D. brevifolia
    D. burmanii
    D. burmanii (Beerwah, Queensland)
    D. capensis
    D. capensis ‘Alba’
    D. capensis ‘Red’
    D. capensis ‘Wide Leaf’
    D. capillaris
    D. callistos f. Brookton
    D. x ‘Carbarup’ (nitidula spp. nitidula x occidentalis)
    D. dielsiana
    D. ericksoniae
    D. ericksoniae x pulchella
    D. filiformis
    D. filiformis ssp. filiformis
    D. filiformis ‘ All Red’
    D. filiformis ssp. trayci (Buck Pond)
    D. x ‘Hybrida’
    D. intermedia
    D. intermedia 'Brookville, NJ'
    D. intermedia ‘Carolina Giant’
    D. intermedia (Cuba)
    D. intermedia (Myrtle Beach, SC)
    D. x ‘Lake Badgerup’ (occidentalis x nitidulla)
    D. madagascariensis (Botswana)
    D. nidiformis
    D. nidiformis ‘Red’
    D. nitidula ssp. allantostigma
    D. nitidula ssp. nitidula
    D. nitidula ssp. nitidula x pygmea (South Coast)
    D. nitidula ssp. omissa
    D. occidentalis spp. Occidentalis
    D. palecea ssp. roseana
    D. palecea ssp. stelliflora
    D. petiolaris
    D. peltata
    D. pulchella (1 pot of plants)
    D. pulchella (Pink Flower)
    D. pygmaea (Eastern States)
    D. regia
    D. regia ‘Big Easy’
    D. rotundifolia 'Eastman, NH'
    D. rotundifolia 'Brookville, NJ'
    D. schizandra
    D. scorpiodes
    D. sessilifolia
    D. slackii
    D. x ‘Snyderi’
    D. spatulata
    D. spatulata (Fraser Island)
    D. tokansis
    D. venusta var. coccicaulis

    D. lusitanica (Southern Spain)

    G. hispidula

    H. heterodoxa x minor
    H. heterodoxa x nutans
    H. nutans

    I. lutea

    N. alata
    N. ampullaria 'Green'
    N. bicalcarata (Sri Aman)
    N. bongso
    N. bellii
    N. campanulata
    N. x ‘Coccinea’
    N. x ‘Gentle’
    N. gracilis ’Nigrapurpurea’
    N. insignis
    N. x ’Judith Finn’ (veitchii x spathulata)
    N. lowii
    N. macfarlanei
    N. x ‘Morganiana’
    N. rafflesiana
    N. rajah
    N. x ‘Rokko’
    N. sanguinea
    N. sibuyanensis
    N. x ‘Superba’ x (spathulata x maxima)
    N. x ‘Ventrata’ (ventricosa x alata)
    N. veitchii
    N. ventricosa
    N. ventricosa (red x green)

    P. agnata x moranensis var. caudata
    P. ehlersiae
    P. esseriana
    P. x ‘John Rizzi’
    P. lusitanica
    P. moranensis
    P. planiflolia
    P. primuliflora
    P. rectifolia
    P. x ‘Sethos’

    P. louisianaica

    S. alata
    S. flava
    S. flava ‘Red Tube’
    S. x ’Judith Hindle’
    S. leucophylla
    S. leucophylla ‘Red’
    S. leucophylla ‘Tarnok’
    S. minor
    S. minor 'Jacksonville, Fl'
    S. minor (Long County, GA)
    S. oreophila (Sand Mountain)
    S. purpurea ssp. venosa
    S. psittacina
    S. rubra ssp. gulfensis
    S. x wrigleyana ’Scarlet Belle’

    U. alpina
    U. bisquamata
    U. calycifida
    U. dichotoma (Turoa, NZ)
    U. foliosa
    U. gibba
    U. gibba (Duval County, FL)
    U. gibba (Sawgrass Country Club)
    U. gramifolia
    U. humboldtii
    U. inflata
    U. inflata (Jacksonville, FL)
    U. livida 'Color Varient' (white flower)
    U. livida (Durban, South Africa)
    U. longifolia
    U. macrorhiza (Plumas County, CA)Co. CA
    U. monanthos
    U. nephrophylla
    U. sandersonii
    U. sandersonii ‘Blue Flower’
    U. subulata
    U. tricolor

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    Mike. How do you have the ROOM for all of those plants?!?!

    At least i have the most Nepenthes so far (15 not including the dying one and the hybrid and the ones that haven't arrived yet). That's 21 including all the ones listed. On sarracenia i'm just lost though. Too many names and numbers.
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    You should see mikes greenhouses they are big!
    I thought you people where \"Plant Geeks\", Look at me Now...

    Growing List-

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    A. vesiculosa

    B. reducte

    B. liniflora

    C. follicularis
    C. follicularis giant, Clone from Germany

    D. californica

    D. muscipula
    D. muscipula ‘Big Mouth’
    D. muscipula ‘clumping cultivar’
    D. muscipula "Dente"
    D. muscipula “Giant” from
    D. muscipula "Green Dragon"
    D. muscipula "Red Dragon"
    D. muscipula ‘Red Dragon’ x Jaws
    D. muscipula 'Red Piranha'
    D. muscipula ‘Royal Red’
    D. muscipula Jaws x ‘Red Dragon’

    D. adelae
    D. admirabilis
    D. admirabilis Palmiet River, RSA
    D. aliciae
    D. anglica
    D. anglica Alakai Swamp Kauai, HI
    D. anglica HI
    D. anglica CA x HI
    D. ascendens
    D. ascendens Brazil
    D. binata
    D. brevifolia
    D. burmannii Bangalore India
    D. burmannii Beerwah, QLD
    D. calilloris Nokomis Alabama
    D. capensis
    D. capensis 'Albino'
    D. capensis “Red”
    D. capillaris
    D. dichotoma "Giant"
    D. dielsiana
    D. filiformis
    D. filiformis 'California Sunset'
    D. filiformis var. tracyi
    D. gigantea just starting to climb 3-10-04
    D. hartmeyerorum seeds 11-5-04
    D. indica
    D. indica Narrabri, NSW seeds 2-25-04
    D. intermedia
    D. intermedia Bahia Brazil
    D. intermedia “Carolina Giant”
    D. intermedia (anglica CA x HI)
    D. kenneallyi SS Clone #1
    D. lanata Triffid Park clone
    D. natalensis
    D. nidiformis
    D. madagascariensis
    D. madasgascarensis "Bostwana"
    D. Marston Dragon
    D, montana var tomentosa Minas Gerais State Brazil
    D. multifida "Extrema"
    D. ordensis ‘Mulligan’s Lagoon’
    D. paradoxa
    D. peltata seeds 2-25-04
    D. petiolaris "All Red" Ed Read
    D. prolifera
    D. pumilla
    D. regia
    D. rotundifolia
    D. rotundifolia Anchorage, Alaska
    D. rotundifolia New Forest, England
    D. schizandra
    D. sessilifolia
    D. spatulata
    D. spatulata Borneo
    D. tokaiensis seeds 2-25-04
    D. venusta
    D. venusta orig. Sean Samia
    D. sp Jacoby
    D. sp Cuba 2
    D. sp. ‘Zimbabwe, Chimanimani Mnts’

    D. x beleziana = (D. rotundifolia x D. intermedia)

    D. callistos
    D. nitidula ssp omissa (?)
    D. pulchella "Red Flower WEO37b"
    D. paleacea ssp. stelliflora
    D. scorpioides
    D. pulchella ssp. Faredale W.A.
    D. paleacea x callistoss
    D. paleacea ssp. trichocaulis
    D. paleacea roseana
    D. nitidula ssp. nitidula x D. pygmaea W.A. South coast form
    D. occidentalis var australis "Warriup Form"
    D. paleacea ssp paleacea
    D. nitidula x pulchella
    D. pulchella x D. ericksoniae
    D. C-1
    D. pulchella weo 37b red fl.
    D. ericksoniae x pulchella
    D. echinobalstus
    D. paleacea ssp stelliflora
    D. callistos WEO-49 bm Brookton form?
    D. nitidula ssp. nitidula
    D. callistos brookton form lowrie
    D. dichrosepala ssp. enoedes

    D. lusitani ds planted 2-26-04 sprouted 3-11-04 using the sand paper method then let them sit is water for 8 hours

    G. hispidula
    G. lobata
    G. pygmaea
    G. violacea “Giant”

    H. ionasii (Ilu Tepui)
    H. minor
    H. tatei var tatei AW
    H. sp. Yuruani Tepui

    H. heterodoxa x minor
    H. heterodoxa x nutans

    I. Lutea seeds 2-26-04 sprouted 3-8-04 by letting them sit in a very small amount of water for 8 hours
    I. proboscidea

    N. alata "boschiana mimic"
    N. alata lowland mo
    N. alata variegated leaf form
    N. albomarginata (Penang) Red, clone E
    N. albomarginata "spotted”
    N. ampullaria "green"
    N. ampullaria CR-29 ‘Red’ BE
    N. ampullaria ‘spotted’
    N. bellii
    N. bicalcarata
    N. campanulata male
    N. clipeata clone #1 may be N. clipeata x (eymae x clipeata)
    N. clipeata G. kelam AW True N. clipeata
    N. gracilis "typical"
    N. gracilis “nigrapurpurea”
    N. hirsuta
    N. insignis
    N. macrovulgaris
    N. merrilliana
    N. mirabilis ‘echinostoma’
    N. northiana
    N. rafflesiana
    N. rafflesiana ‘Elongata’
    N. rafflesiana 'Singapore Giant'
    N. reinwardtiana Bau MT
    N. sumatrana
    N. truncata
    N. veitchii lowland

    N. alata Highland red Striped
    N. argentii
    N. aristolochioides (Sumatra)
    N. so (Gunung Merapi, Sumatra)
    N. boschiana
    N. burbidgeae
    N. copelandii
    N. densiflora (Sumatra)
    N. diatas (Bandahara)
    N. diatas "meadow form"
    N. dubia seed BE
    N. ephippiata (Gunung Rajah, Borneo)
    N. eustachya red/purple
    N. eymae
    N. faizaliana
    N. fallax (formerly stenophylla)
    N. fusca 'crocker range' from Andrew Marshall
    N. fusca Sarawak
    N. fusca flaired BE
    N. glabrata
    N. gymnamphora Gunung Singgalang aw
    N. hamata mo
    N. hamata H75/JK BE
    N. inermis Gunung Gadut Sumatra aw
    N. jacquelineae 1850 m be
    N. khasiana
    N. lavicola (G. Telong, Sumatra)
    N. longifolia
    N. lowii Mt. Trus Madi
    N. lowii Mt. Trus Madi 2300m elevation
    N. lowii G. Mulu. Jeff Shafer
    N. macfarlanei MT
    N. macfarlanei
    N. macrophylla BE
    N. macrophylla (Gunung Trus Madi, Borneo) May be N. macrophylla x lowii
    N. madagascariensis
    N. maxima dark x sulewesi
    N. maxima JD
    N. maxima Jeff Shafer
    N. maxima (Waghete, Irian Jaza)
    N. mikei BE
    N. mindanaoensis
    N. mira
    N. muluensis
    N. murudensis
    N. ovata (Pangulubao, Sumatra)
    N. pectinata
    N. petiolata
    N. pilosa
    N. platychila
    N. rajah
    N. ramispina
    N. reinwardtiana pasia red
    N. sanguinea
    N. sanguinea clone (e)
    N. sanguinea ‘Red’
    N. sibuyanensis
    N. singalana
    N. spathulata
    N. spectabilis (G. baudasara)
    N. talangensis (Gunung Talang, Sumatra)
    N. tentaculata
    N. tobaica
    N. tobaica (Dark Red)
    N. truncata Highland
    N. veitchii Bareo Highland MT
    N. veitchii Striped Peristome Jeff Shaffer
    N. ventricosa black/purple peristome
    N. ventricosa ‘red’ male
    N. villosa

    N. x alata x maxima from Joseph Anselmo
    N. (aristolochioides x thorelli) x Miranda
    N. x bicalcarata x ?
    N. x burbidgeae x edwardsiana MT
    N. x Coccinea
    N. x gracilis x ampullaria
    N. x Holland Hybrid
    N. x Judith Finn male
    N. x lowii x truncata ep
    N. x lowii x ventricosa red
    N. x Koto “effiugent” LHSN
    N. x macfarlanei x (tobiaca x thorelii) EP
    N. x macfarlanei x ventricular
    N. x maxima x fusca “elongata”
    N. x maxima dark x (northiana x veitchii)
    N. x mirabilis gold x mixta superba male
    N. x mirabilis x Otraniama
    N. x mirmda
    N. x ‘Mixta’
    N. x muluensis x lowii
    N. x pilosa x veitchii
    N. x ‘Predator’ (truncata x hamata)
    N. x reinwardtiana x macrovulgaris
    N. x rokko x fusca
    N. x rokko x (thorelli x Coccinea)
    N. x sanguinea x truncata
    N. x spathulata x ampullaria-straits
    N. x spathulata x maxima male
    N. x spathulata x spectabilis
    N. x spectabilis x ventricosa
    N. x ‘Superba’ female
    N. x ‘Superba’ x (spathulata x maxima)
    N. x thorelii x aristolochioides
    N. x thorelii x (x ventrata x tobaica)
    N. x truncata x hamata “N. x Predator”
    N. x truncata x stenophylla
    N. x truncata x (stenophylla x lowii) ep
    N. x truncata x ventricosa red ep
    N. x veitchii x lowii vxc 14
    N. x ‘Velvet’
    N. x ‘Ventrata’
    N. x ventricosa x maxima
    N. x ventricosa squat x (spectabilis x northiana) DP
    N. x ventricosa x talangensis
    N. x ‘Wrigleyana‘
    N. 6 unknow hybrids

    P. agnata
    P. agnata “Blue”
    P. agnata 'El Lobo'
    P. agnata Uobet Hown
    P. caerulea
    P. cyclosectia (3)
    P. ehlersiae
    P. ehlersiae CV. Harold
    P. esseriana
    P. gigantea form CP bog
    P. gigantea from Michel
    P. hemiepiphytica
    P. ionantha seed planted 2-20-04
    P. jaumavensis
    P. kondoi
    P. laueana
    P. lusitanica
    P. lutea
    P. moranensis
    P. moranensis var. caudata
    P. moranensis CV. ‘Huahuapan’
    P. oblingiloba
    P. planifolia
    P. potosiensis
    P. primuliflora
    P. rotundiflora
    P. vulgaris
    P. vulgaris Kenai
    P. villosa
    P. zecheri

    P. x agnata x gypsicola
    P. x agnata x caudata
    P. x agnata x moranensis x ehlersai
    P. x agnata “Scented flower” x potosiensis
    P. x aphrodite
    P. x caudata x ehlersiae
    P. x ‘George Seargent’
    P. x ‘Gina’
    P. laueana CP2 x emarginata (This is Vic Brown's clone)
    P. x ‘Pirouette’
    P. x moranensis x ehlersiae
    P. x moranensis x ehlersiae ? From Forbes Conrad
    P. x ‘sethos’
    P. x ‘sethos’ x gypsicola
    P. sp. Pico de Orizaba
    P. x “Tina”
    P Yucca Do 1714
    P Yucca Do 1715
    P Yucca Do 1717

    S. alata
    S. flava
    S. flava ‘red tube’
    S. flava ‘Oabata’ “Heavy Veined” Waltona Co. FL
    S. flava “Virginia”
    S. leucophylla
    S. leucophylla “Red”
    S. leucophylla “Tarnok”
    S. minor
    S. minor Long CO, GA.
    S. psittacina
    S. purpurea ssp. venosa
    S. purpurea
    S. purpurea ssp. purpurea f. heterophylla from Meadowview
    S. rubra
    S. rubra gulfensis
    S. rubra gulfensis Crestview, FL
    S. rubra ssp. jonesii
    S. rubra ssp. Wherryii Typical
    S. oreophila sand Mt #4

    S. x alata ’Black’ x flava ‘Red’
    S. x alata x minor
    S. x “Catsbaei”
    S. x “Catsbaei” x oreophila
    S. ‘Dana’s Delight’
    S. x Dixie Lace
    S. x flava x purpurea
    S. x flava x (purpurea x flava)
    S. x flava x psittacina
    S. x Judith Hindle
    S. x leucophylla x oreophila
    S,. x minor x rubra
    S. x mitchelliana ?
    S. x Moore yellow and white
    S. x oreophila x (flava x purpurea)
    S. x purpurea x rubra
    S. x rubra x minor
    (Rubra Gulfensis)x(Leucophylla x Flava)
    S. x rubra gulfensis x moorei
    S. oreophila x leucophylla
    S. x “Wrigleyana”

    U. alpina
    U. arenaria
    U. beugleholei
    U. bisquamata
    U. blanchetii white
    U. calycifida
    U. dichotoma
    U. dichotoma U. monanthos
    U. dichotoma ‘Turoa NZ’
    U. fulva
    U. gibba
    U. graminifolia
    U. lateriflora
    U. livida
    U. livida Bettys Beach
    U. livida durban
    U. livida merriwuk
    U. longifolia
    U. multifida seeds 2-25-04
    U. nephrophylla
    U. praelonga
    U. prehensilis
    U. pubescens
    U. pubescens Serra caraca
    U. sandersonii
    U. sandersonii 'blue'
    U. subulata
    U. tricolor
    U. tridentata
    U. uliginosa
    U. uniflora
    U. vulgaris
    U. warburgii
    U. welwitschii
    U. sp-1 unknown

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    1 S. alata "ruby throat"
    2 S. Flava
    1 S. Flava Grayton Beach, FL
    1 S "Virginia flava"
    1 S. Flava "cuttroat"
    1 S. flava x purpurea
    1 S. (Catesbaei x Renan) x Citronelli
    1 S. purpurea x rubra
    1 S. Purpurea x flava
    1 S. purpurea
    1 S. oreophila x (flava x purpurea)
    2 S. rubra ssp. "gulfensis" Crestview, FL
    1 S. rubra ssp. "gulfensis" x moosie
    2 S. psittacinas
    1 S. psittacina x Rubra "antho free"
    1 S. Minor
    2 S. Minor Long Co. GA
    6 S. Luecophylla
    1 S. (Leuco x moorei) x (leuco x gilpina)
    1 S. "Red Leuco"
    3 S. x "judith hindle"
    1 S. Scarlett belle
    2 S. wrigleyana
    1 Heterodoxa x Minor
    DIONAEA MUSCIPULA (Venus flytrap)-
    2 D. typical
    1 D. jaws x red dragon
    1 D. "Red Piranha"
    1 D. "royal red"
    1 D. "big mouth"
    1 D. jaws
    U. Livida
    U. longfolia
    U. Sandersonii
    U. Sandersonii 'blue'
    U. Bisquamata
    U. Calcydifida
    U. Calcydifida 'yog sogoth'
    U. Tricolor
    U. Prehensilis
    U. pubescens
    U. tricolor
    1 U. Macrorhiza Plumas Co. CA
    1 U. bremii
    1 U. Foliosa
    1 U. inflata
    1 U. Aureas
    1 D. Militifida extrema
    3 D. Binata
    1 D. Filiformis var. Tracyi
    1 D. Capensis
    1 D. Capensis 'red'
    1 D. Madagascarensis "botswana"
    1 D. peltata
    3 D. Spatulata
    1. unknown pygmy
    1. D. Burmanii "beerwah"
    more than 50 unknowns
    1 P. Moransis
    1 P. agnata x caudata
    1 P. Enigma
    1 P. "John Rizzi"
    1 P. moranensis x ehlersiae
    1 P. lusitanica
    1 D. californica
    1 N. villosa
    1 N. inermis
    1 N. Hamata, borneo exotics
    2. N. lowii
    1 N. miranda
    5 N. Sanguenia
    1. N. rafflensias
    1 N. Sanguenia x truncata
    1 N. Ampullaria x Bicalcarata
    1 C. follicularis
    1 C. Follicularis "giant clone from germany
    1 G. Hispidula
    11 byblis liniflora in 2 pots
    1 B. reducta
    1 Pack S. alata Unknown
    1 Pack AXL? Alata x Leuco
    1 Pack S Flava Rubricorpa
    1 Pack S Flava Rubricorpa Liberty Co. FL x 'Leah Wilkerson'
    1 Pack S Leuc X rubra
    1 Pack S (Leuc x Minor) x (Rubra x Oreo) x Purp
    1 Pack S Leuc x (Leuc x Flava)
    1 Pack S Purp x Flava Ornata F2
    1 Pack S Scarlet belle x Hummers Hamerhead
    1 Pack S Excellens
    1 Pack S Moorei green lid, heavy blotch x 'Leah Wilkerson
    1 Pack S Moorei x 'Brooks Hybrid'
    1 Pack S (Rubra x Oreo) x Flava
    1 Pack S (Rubra x Oreo) x (Oreo x Flava)
    1 Pack S (Oreo x Flava) x leuc x flava
    3 Packs Mixed Sarracenia Hybrids

    1 Pack filifromis Tracyi
    1 Pack intermedia North Carolina
    1 Pack Burmanii Beerwah
    1 Pack Capensis Narrow
    1 Pack capensis red
    1 Pack intermedia cuba
    1 Pack Spatulata pink flower
    1 Pack Spatulata AWK-1
    1 Pack capillaris
    1 Pack dielsiana

    1 Pack Drosophyllum Lustanica southern spain (sp?)[/b][/b]
    Join the CCPS, you wont regret it:

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