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Thread: True stories!

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    So here's the game... everybody shares their strangest plant story (or as many as you like I suppose.) For example...

    When I was about ten or eleven I started to get into plants and gardening. I got bored with growing flowers and stuff outside and wanted to keep something a little more exotic, so I got some cacti and succulents. I had several little aloe-looking things that took off and some grafted cacti that didn't fare too well, all in a lit terrarium in my bedroom.
    After the grafts started to slip I pulled them out, potted them in another room and got some more succulents to keep the aloes company. (I'm not sure they're aloes but I'll just call them that.) A few weeks later, one of the aloes started to flower. Then another. Pretty soon they were all sending up nice little stalks with a single bud on the end. They kept reaching for the light, and I was afraid they were going to burn before opening.
    But, instead, about an inch away from the light, they would all turn, and start growing out of the terrarium - and they all pointed straight at my bed! The first one didn't bother me, even when it was like six times as long as the plant was tall, even when it would point itself back at me after I had stuffed it back under the hood of the terrarium. But when there are a dozen wierd looking flower stalks trained on you eight hours a day, you get to thinking (at eleven years old.) I knew that, realistically, I had nothing to worry about, but, to calm my nerves, I pointed the terrarium towards the window and moved my bed to the other side of the room. A week later the flowers were again pointing at my bed.
    I destroyed those plants a few days later.

    Now share!
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    That was interesting to think up.
    Heres two of them:
    1: I was doing homework one night, and i looked at my Nepenthes Alata. The newest pitcher was closed. I went to the bathroom, i came back and the pitcher had popped open. This was over a period of ten minutes that the pitcher went from fully closed to fully open, like a spring.

    2: I had just got a greenhouse and moved my plants in it. My mom was skeptical when i started rambling that ants would be swarming over the plants after a while. A few weeks later, i went out to fill the humidifier, and there were ants all over the plants. I still have the plants there (this is about two or three months later) one i moved too my new warmhouse (i accidentally labeled it lowlander), and the ants are still there, in both greehouses now. My plants have been very well fed ever since.

    (Good bedtime story to plants )
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