Just got back from Atlanta and to anyone even remotely considering going to the Atlanta Botanical Garden... GO!!

Brooks Garcia kindly acted as my guide/host and showed me fascinating plants in the collection (Hope to have some pictures posted soon-still a bit new at that).

There was a fantastic orchid exhibition going on while there (designed by Brooks himself). Amazing shapes, colors and forms.

I was amazed by a 6-8' bed of N. truncata (all of which were flowering). They had a highland area with beautiful N. lowii and rajah in spectactular pitchering.
They even recreated the Venezuelan tepuis showing Brochinnia reducta, and several species of Heliamphora (all in flower).

Their conservation greenhouse was unfortunately closed during my visit but saw several endangered Sarrs. Brooks pointed out a S. purp hybrid that was dark burgundy with pitchers 4-5" in diameter!!!

So to all that gave me pointers to sightseeing in Atlanta
Thanks..... Hope to post some pictures soon.

Carnivorously yours,
Kirk martin
Fitchburg, MA