Oh. My. God. I get grounded from the computer for a week and this is what happens. See, every time I leave somewhere for a short time, somethin' goes down.

Wow, Phil exploded... go Phil!!!

TONY!!!!! KIRK!!!!!!!! DUDES!! You're letting everyone who dislikes you WIN by leaving! I know you guys probably won't ever read this, but if you do, please know that WE WANT YOU BACK. There was one time when I got so stressed by something that went down here that I thought about leaving, but the one thing that kept me here was the thought that me leaving would make anyone who disliked me way too happy. I LOVE this place, and it really is a big part of my life. I've been here since I was 10, and several people really are just like personal friends. Losing this place would be like moving away and turning my back on real friends. I may not know anybody on here personally, but y'all really are like personal friends, and it would really, really hurt to ever lose this place. And the more @#$%storms there are on here, the closer it is to TF Apocalypse. I know, I've been there before. Run With The Wind, a forum I used to go to, was going great until it all started going downhill with a bunch of @#$%storms, then several people getting banned, then the administrator (who was never a good admin anyway.. she was so anal) passed the torch to another person and "left for good". The new person was a great admin, and I was made a mod for a while, until the former admin came back for some unknown reason. She still had admin powers, though the official admin was the other person. She decided MY method of being a mod was "unsuitable", because I closed the hundredth topic about how crappy the board was getting, since that was was the official admin TOLD US TO DO. I couldn't believe it... this @#$% closed topics EVERY DAY when she still owned the forums! And she accuses me of "not hearing the members out". BS!! She also got all over me for saying a few cuss words. Half of what SHE used to say every single day when she owned the board. I TOLD her that, but no, deny deny deny. We got into an argument over this, and she lied and accused and trapped me into a situation where she banned me, since she hated me the entire time I was there for not cowering to her fascist, bullying, belittling "authority". Unfortunately, the girl who was appointed as admin when this woman left was grounded at the time, so she had no say in this, though I know if she was there, everything would be different. This woman no longer made the rules and had no right to ban me for something she boiled up in the first place. I'm still in contact over IM with two members of that board (one being the girl who was appointed to adminship after the owner "left"), and my best friend also still goes there, but rarely, because, as she told me, the whole board went straight downhill, people left every day, and now very few people still go there, and it may be shut down soon. This is what happens. If our mods keep leaving TF, it WILL happen. RWTW's operation was crappy from the beginning, with a Hitler-like admin and very few mods. Yes, we have the right to speak up about something we have an issue with, but we have no right to openly flame the mods like that. Every time there's a @#$%storm like this, something goes down, somebody leaves, there's a flame war, and TF slides further downhill. TF is doing GREAT right now and I think it will stay that way if we try to support the mods and not stress them out so much, because they are under a lot of stress as it is with the responsibility of rummaging through this place every day. I know it's a big pressure on ME to be able to get on here and catch up with all the posts, so I can imagine how it must be for the mods.