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Thread: "green lfs"

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    Hey everyone -

    The other day I was at our local Agway to buy dog food and I noticed they now carry Long Fiber Sphagnum.

    The actually had two kinds, the normal stuff and a rack with dry "Green Sphagnum" from Chile that was about double the price. It looked blue-green.

    Anyone heard of it or come across it before, or do you think it's the regular LFS dyed as a gimmick to make more $$ so when people buy it put together a basket it's instantly bright green?

    Speaking of Agway, I noticed they had some very expensive (4 bucks a packet) and unusual seeds on a display, called "Seeds of Distinction." One of the packs was "Mixed Pitcher Plant Seeds". I used all my willpower and didn't buy the seeds, I have lots of Sarrs already.


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    The dyed Sphagnum is what I find in most garden centres here in the UK (even at the one where I work). I decided to grow a few "easy" plants in cleaned dyed moss, and none have flinched thus far (approximately 5 months): Pinguicula, VFT, [Nepenthes[/i] etc. It's ugly, but it serves the purpose. Then again, one never knows if the same dyes are used universally (though it would seem most probable).


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