April, i sorta agree with you. these critters are not that hard to keep caged. lazyness is the only real reason a snake escapes ie not buying a proper cage for a particular animal. the only time ive ever had a snake escape was because of a hastily rigged up cage for a rescue i didnt know was coming. any of my planned purchases had a proper cage setup before they got here. i kept a 6 ft carpet python in a large rubber maid for quite awhile, even with constant trying she never came close to escaping.

as to the turning loose of snakes in Florida and other areas i am totally against it but i really dont think anyone from DNR should be coming to my house on a regular basis if im keeping small boids and similar exotic nonvenomous and non-medically significant rear fangeds. for someone interested in exotic venomous i see no problem with having to jump through a few hoops to get a permit of some sort and maybe an annual inspection of your setup as a condition of the permit. i find this to be quite resonable.