Hey kids, I've been talking about it so I finally had some days off and got the skateboard printing press built and thought I'd show you all so you could do it too if you want.

This is an easy project took about an hour start to finish and these are not sold anywhere so if you wanna do this you gotta build it.

Make a line down the middle of a 2 ft x 4 ft heavy MDF board or other very heavy board (you want sturdiness). Everything you do will need to line up on the center of your press
Put a 15" long 2" x 4" plank in the middle (mark the middle of the plank) and secure it to your base with some long screws in the central area not at the ends
the red things are just outlined 3/8" wooden dowels which fit perfectly in the skateboard truck holes. This keeps the deck secure as you print. Make sure when you place the first deck you mark the center and line it up before putting the dowels into the base.
Cut the dowels flush with the top of the skateboard deck so they dont puncture the screen when you print.
When you secure the first screen mark the center so it runs centered with everything else. The screen you see is reclaimed from a professional printer, their registration is WAY off just look at that!

Here's a blank "waste" deck on the press that I use to test prints before doing the real run on the good boards

This is what it'll look like when you've got your design ready and are gonna be pulling ink.

The only parts which are "hard" to find are the hinge clamps which hold the screen to the base. You get these at the **** Blick Art Materials shop right next to all the other screen printing stuff.

Give it shot! I'll show some decks when I've burned a few screens on these old ones.