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Thread: Auction now RE-OPENED!

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    Phil has come to the rescue. The auction is now reopened and will remain open until **Monday nite at 11:59 PM CENTRAL TIME** so there is no confusion about "midnite".

    I apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced by the temporary closing of the auction. I hope the day extension will make up for the lost bidding time.

    And I hope this makes the closing time clearer. The auction will not close tonite but tomorrow nite, Monday May 23rd...just before midnite.
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    Well, I guess I better put toothpicks under my old East coast eyes!! That's me winking--one toothpick holding, and the other broke in two. Bring it on baby! The end (of the auction, that is) is near!! Yay and yipee!
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